All the info on tax incentives for advertising investments

Important news is coming for those who decide to invest in advertising campaigns in newspapers, magazines, television and radio: from this year they will be able to enjoy important economic benefits.Thanks to the 2017 Corrective Action, an interesting tax incentive can be obtained for advertising investments made on these media: from 75% for large companies and self-employed workers, up to 90% for SMEs, micro-enterprises and innovative start-ups.Very important note: the bonus will be awarded to businesses and self-employed workers for advertising campaigns not only on traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, but for the first time also in online newspapers. The Corrective Action also speaks of a retroactive temporal extension of the application of the tax credit, thus also including the second half of 2017.
However, we await the Government Implementing Decree which – to date – has not yet been published.

For more detailed information on 2018 advertising bonuses, requirements and tax credit, download the document.