Privacy and Cookie Policy

Spada Media Group configures the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy customized for your website on the iubenda platform. A cookie banner will be shown at the first visit of each of your users which blocks the cookies used by your website and releases them only once the user’s consent has been obtained. Thanks to the iubenda software, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of your website will always be updated with current regulations.

Registration Consent of Contact Forms

Spada Media Group sets up the system on your website to record the consents of your users when they fill out the contact, registration or newsletter subscription forms. The GDPR, in fact, requires the website operator to store a proof of unequivocal consent every time a user shares his data with you through one of the forms on your website.

Installation and Configuration

The Installation and Configuration service includes:

  • Configuration and installation of iubenda software on the website
  • Insertion of the banner, containing the following information:
      • if the site uses profiling cookies;
      • if the site allows the sending of “third party” cookies;
  • the link to the extended information;
  • the indication that on the extended information page it is possible to refuse consent to the installation of any cookie;
  • the indication that the continuation of the navigation by accessing another area of ​​the site or selecting an element of the same (for example, an image or a link) implies the provision of consent to the use of cookies.
  • Insertion of the extended information, where information on the use of technical and analytics cookies is provided and the possibility of choosing which specific cookies to authorize is given.
  • Reference to the information, on each page of the site, through the link placed at the bottom of the same and the request for consent.
  • Installation and configuration of the form for consent to data processing

General information on the GDPR

The European Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) establishes new criteria for the protection of personal data, with a significant impact on the security of the tools, including IT tools, used in the processing operations and with significant impacts on company processes at different levels, not just for the website. Spada Media Group offers a professional and legally accurate solution for your website, however if you wish to verify compliance with the rules at all company levels (e.g. contractual, management documents, etc.), it is necessary to involve a lawyer who deals with first person to review the business situation and draw up all necessary documents. If you want the dedicated assistance of a legal consultant for all issues that go beyond the website, contact us and we will be able to advise you on various professionals to contact.