Interview with Federico Spada on Rai 3 – PRESADIRETTA

The RAI program PresaDiretta, hosted by Riccardo Iacona, in its Europe to the Last Vote report delved into the topic of “companies and Europe” by interviewing a number of entrepreneurs, real players in the European market . They included Federico Spada, CEO and co-founder of Spada Media Group , who was able to answer some questions and express his views. In fact, since always, but especially in recent years, Spada Media Group has had a European horizon by collaborating with international realities and having European multinationals among its clients and partners.

Federico Spada in PresaDiretta on Rai 3


As evident from his speech, Federico Spada’s wish is to be able to work more and more in a unified atmosphere from every point of view: “Our generation should have as its goal to move toward further unity, unity in health, social and labor policies. Thinking also of my daughter’s future, my wish is for the next generation to be able to study and work in Italy and other European states without barriers or special differences“.

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