Spada Media Group interview at Global Summit 2019

On February 20 and 21, 2019, the Global Summit Marketing & Digital, one of the main events for companies operating in the field of digital marketing dedicated to the business community of Marketing, Digital Communication and E-commerce, was held in Lazise (Verona). In fact, it is here that experts in the field gather to exchange advice on key approaches and the latest communication strategies to achieve outstanding performance.

The interview with Federico Spada

On this occasion, Federico Spada, CEO and co-founder of Spada Media Group, shared with event participants his position: to look at the continuous directional changes that the industry is experiencing with greater awareness and confidence by not only following this current of change but directing it.

Also in the context of the Global Summit, Federico Spada answered some questions from Marketing CAFÈ.

The 2020 milestone is approaching and, as is the case with all decade beginnings, many are the expectations and expectations for this date. What do you think are the most important trends for marketing toward the end of this decade?

We have recently entered the 2019 But already this new year is shaping up to be a year full of challenges! Indeed, those working in marketing and, specifically, digital marketing cannot ignore increasingly topical issues such as influencer marketing, live streaming and the explosion of stories, social commerce, chatbots and virtual assistants, not to mention the irrepressible proliferation of video content. It has been estimated that in 2019 the pulling power of online advertisements with videos will be very high. Suffice it to say that today, 65 percent of the impressions gained from ads on Instagram are derived from video content.

In 2000 the Cluetrain Manifesto shouted to the world that “markets are conversations,” but many companies still prefer monologue. Were the authors of that poster wrong, or do those companies continue to be wrong?

Markets are conversations. On the other hand, they are made of human beings! Brands now have the daunting task of rebuilding users’ trust and speaking to them in an entirely different way. Humanization was mentioned earlier, but what does it mean in concrete terms? Above all, it means personalization: of content, of strategies, of offerings. One example: people want to be connected and want to have the ability to communicate in a simple, direct, and fun way. That’s what chats aim for: they reduce distance and create continuous communication. Facebook Messenger’s numbers on the other hand speak for themselves: its users number about 900 million! Therefore, companies can no longer ignore the data and potential of instant messaging platforms. These now become indispensable tools because of their ability to personalize user interaction, making it more and more closely match the corporate tone of voice. The advantage? Direct communication with fans and zero distance.

Will you be proposing at #GMSummit19 any new features, or a product or service that you will highlight in some way or want to mention in these lines?

Also this year at our booth, No. 5, the Social Live Printer capable of printing in real time photos shared on social media associated with a specific hashtag will be active. Everyone who throughout the event posts photos with #GMSummit19 on their Instagram profiles can come to our booth and pick it up for free.

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