Tell the story of your product through Augmented Reality


Augmented reality

Although increasingly popular, not everyone is familiar with Augmented Re ality ( AR). This innovative technology allows us to enrich our daily visual and sensory experience with content and animations (2D and 3D) in real time. Not a replacement of the real, but an enhancement of it.

A fast, convenient, and intuitive tool that can be applied to any product, of any genre or industry. Not only medicines, then, but also groceries, stationery, items belonging to publishing or collecting, and much more.

Possible Applications

In the tourism sector, for example, this technology can have multiple uses: just think of its application within museums, historical sites or places of interest, where objects, famous people and extinct animals come to life and tell their story through augmented reality, enriching the visitor experience.

Its use in the field offurniture is also interesting: famous is the case of the app developed by Ikea, which allows you to try out furniture and (virtual!) objects inside your home; but not only that: the app, based on the decor of the room, is able to suggest and propose similar products.

However, augmented reality has multiple possibilities and areas of application not only in the field of marketing: its use in the medical sector has laid the groundwork for a real revolution. AtImperial College University Hospital in London, for example, surgeons use Hololens (mixed-reality smartglasses made by Microsoft) to reconstruct injured limbs by superimposing 3-D images on top of real ones.

It is following this path that Spada Media Group, in collaboration with SiComunicaWeb and Touchware, an Aosta-based company operating in the field of mobile platform technologies and digital publishing, has Developed an application for the pharmaceutical company Teva using the Augmented Reality to provide customers with information and advice related to the drugs purchased.

AR: how it works

After launching the application on your device, you will simply frame the relevant product. The application will recognize that product and provide all the information about the purchase, easing and simplifying its use. For example, the user will be able to dispense with the clutter of inconvenient instruction booklets, which are easily misplaced.

With an internal DB for offline operation, the application will be able to provide content, in the form of images, videos and insights with a Text-To-Speech (TTS, software that can artificially reproduce the human voice) feature, as well as a range of services to support customers and their loyalty.

The company may independently manage additional content and information related to its products. This will enable it to track users’ “behaviors” through an analytics service, which is useful for getting more familiar with the target audience

The Teva case

As mentioned above, the tool is already available on the market and was made for the pharmaceutical company Teva, which has now made this multilingual tablet and smartphone application available to its customers, free for download on AppStore and Google play.

By simply framing the purchased drug with their device, the user can access all the useful information: for example, they can browse the digital, interactive version of the package insert on their smartphone, they can view explanatory videos related to the drug, but also have access to extra services such as lifestyle tips, an archive of recipes, and video recipes aimed at promoting the drug’s effect. It may also become aware of other drugs that are complementary to the product purchased.

Teva can help its customers approach and learn more about the company they have been using: the TEVA World presentation is done through a corporate promotion section consisting of videos, images, and links. Useful, if not essential, elements in building customer trust. Added to this are multiple and different additional services such as the ability to find the nearest pharmacy through geolocation.

Needless to say, the application makes use of synchronization with real-time applications and is continuously updated on content, including other products put out by Teva.

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