Instagram news: How the glossy social media world of photography has changed


Instagram has become big. Starting off quietly, this social network has been able to win over more and more people. Today it is the fourth largest in the world in terms of usage (after Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp), but its uniqueness lies in having virtually doubled its user base every two years.

Merit for this success lies, on the one hand, in the inherent characteristics of the social network and, on the other hand, in the ability of Mark Zuckerberg-owner since 2012-to bring engaging innovations.

The last few weeks have also seen Instagram enriched with different features, which will lead to different usage and perception of the tool.

IG’s latest updates: order of viewing stories, messaging and multiple accounts

Among the most important changes is that of theorder of display, of which you may have noticed. Posts are no longer shown according to the time of publication but according to their importance and relevance to the user’s interests. This change had already affected Facebook and was made to encourage interaction among users.

As for messaging, it will now also be possible to access it from the desktop, a feature previously reserved only for the app. This feature was implemented with the desire to facilitate the exchange of messages but mainly to unify all messaging apps in the Facebook group.

Multiple account management is another of the big innovations that revolutionized Instagram: a multiple account log-in. It is not yet known how many accounts will be linkable to a single login, but what is certain is that a user will be able to differentially manage his or her presence on Instagram. This means that those who wish to convey a flawless image to others will be able to continue to collect flawless posts and stories within the ‘real’ IG account, while spontaneous photos and jokes will be relegated to within a ‘Finsta,‘ which is a secondary account shared with a small circle of family and friends.

Instagram 2019: more news to come

But the changes do not end there. For now this is just a test, but soon, through Instagram, it will be possible to group followed profiles under different themes: food, travel, love, and you name it. This will simplify the management of the social network by preventing some profiles from falling into the background because of the new algorithm. It is a matter of order and priority: you will be able to really follow the most interesting profiles and eventually eliminate the “useless” ones. This innovation is still in the testing phase, but if it becomes final it would play an important role in personalizing one’s feed.

However, the update that affected, and in some ways shocked, just about everyone was the disappearance of the number of likes received from the posts. The influencers trembled, but little did they know that it would also be waiting for them The removal of the “Follows” function. This implies that it will no longer be possible to check the likes placed by our followers, a gimmick that seems to pursue the goal of providing more privacy for users.

For a while now, IG has allowed you to categorize followers and choose with whom to share stories and videos on IGTV. You can find this feature in “Account” under “Closest Friends,” which divides users into two groups: “Your List” and “Suggestions,” which is a list of users with whom you exchange the most likes, comments and replies to stories. The introduction of such a feature provides an opportunity to protect one’s privacy and share certain content within a selected community. Just as Instagram is able to identify the people with whom we interact the most, it is also able to ferret out fake accounts or those with whom we interact the least. From this distinction, it will be possible to delete “useless” accounts with a single click.

These are the latest news from the glossy world of Instagram, an ever-evolving social media outlet that is always finding new ways to amaze and engage users.

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