Materials for the hygiene and safety of your store

We can provide all the materials necessary for stores to comply with the directives due to the COVID-19 emergency, from protective counter panels perfect for all activities in direct contact with the public, now essential to protect their work environment and decrease the risk of infection from viruses and bacteria.

Our proposal

We can also produce notices and showroom communication materials and provide dispensers for sanitizer distribution with the possibility of customization with customer logo.

Clear plexiglass countertop protection panel

  • Available in various sizes.
  • Equipped with a communicating window.
  • Perfect for offices and individuals, counters of commercial establishments, banks, pharmacies and all those activities with direct contact with the public.
  • Notices and communication materials from showroom
  • Kit consisting of:
  • 1 plexi vent guard, 80×66 cm or 100×86 cm.
  • 1 countertop forex, A4 or A3.
  • 1 easel bif. 70×100 cm or 1 single-sided roll-up or 1 single-sided freestanding totem.
  • 3 floor stickers, 130×10 cm or window sticker.

Dispenser for sanitizer distribution

  • Dispenser stand useful for dispensing sanitizing gel, disinfectant, liquid soap.
  • Customizable graphics.
  • Including dispenser.


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