Chatbots, videocalls, online events

These are solutions for staying in touch with their customers through digital tools.

The chatbot on your site

A chatbot is a chat with an automated response part, which can be installed on any website because it has an underlying engine such as Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

To set up a chatbot you define some types of questions called “intent” and for each of these one or more answers including, for example: the suggestion of a link to the user with the opening of a page on the site containing the answer to the question, the opening of a ticket at the CRM, or the chat intervention of an operator.

I advantages of a chatbot reside primarily in a best positioning in the eyes of users (it is in fact perceived as a useful innovation), a greater availability as it opens up a new communication channel alongside traditional phones and e-mail and a potential time saving staff in handling incoming calls.

Use commercial video calls

Outbound (Outbound): once the platform to be used has been decided, all that is needed to activate a video call is to have the customer’s contact information and schedule a video appointment.

Inbound (Inbound): it is possible to think of the video call as being like a phone call, whereby the interested user accesses a virtual “room” where there is always a person from the company connected. More advanced platforms enable features such as queue management, forwarding, and widespread access within the organization. Conversely, it is possible to handle inbound video calls as if they were outbound, that is, to collect the customer’s contact information and then schedule a video appointment.

I advantages of a dedicated video call service for customers reside primarily in a more Easy access to the company’s products and sales resources by end customers, who in this way can request information or initiate a negotiation remotely, without having to travel to the point of sale in person.

Streaming digital events

We provide the ability to create digital, private or open-access events on high-tech platforms that allow the same dynamics as physical events to be recreated. These are virtual spaces that are fully customizable and customizable in terms of set design/environment, adaptable for conventions, product launches, roadshows and more.

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