Commercials on radio and web radio


Home confinement has had several effects on radio listening, without in any way undermining its major role in mass communication.

In fact, despite the change in the medium’s usage habits due to a share of the population being forced to stay at home, radio maintained the majority of its audience with 83 percent total listeners and an 80 percent daily reach compared to the period before the health emergency.

Radio turns into a “home medium” these days. The significant reduction in listening through car radios is matched by a significant increase in listening through all other devices. Digital access sees a major increase (+24% Reach, + 61% time spent). The car remains a relevant listening environment for all those still on the move. This target audience is significant not only in terms of numbers, nearly as much as a quarter of the population, but also has a qualitative profile, concentrating in the culturally high and active plexus of the population, those with the greatest economic resources and with great affinity for the typical audience of the radio medium.

Usage times of current listeners are stable and increasing among listeners in the last 7 days as well as among those who still use cars frequently.

Radio’s ability to present a unique mix of emotion, closeness, empathy and credible information, combined with the ability to be enjoyed at any time of the day make it irreplaceable.

National and local radio

Radio is a medium that Italians do not give up; rather, they recalibrate its use according to the latest habits, thanks in part to the fact that Radio is able to take advantage of old and new technologies to enable listening in innovative and different ways than in the past as well.

The health emergency, has reduced the objective opportunities for listening outside the home, but has in many cases fostered a relationship with the medium. This different social condition may also uncover new possibilities, ways and times of listening to different strata of the population, think for example of the very young.

Digital audio: radio can also be heard on the web

“Digital audio” is defined as audio content, both live and on demand, that can be enjoyed online through Internet-connected devices .

Digital audio consists of:

  1. Digital radio stations that broadcast via the Web (access points: Radio Sites, official Radio Apps, official aggregator sites or apps, e.g., UnitedMusic)
  2. Music streaming services (e.g. Deezer, Winamp, etc.).
  3. podcasts, audio files containing short excerpts of radio broadcasts that can be listened to online or downloaded and enjoyed “à la carte.”

Within this content, you can insert audio commercials.

The planning of this content is done in addressable mode, so campaigns are delivered to a specific audience, selected through different variables consistent with the client-defined target audience of the communication, including geographic.

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