Maximum ad visibility with banners and videos on portals and apps


Banners on portals and apps in Programmatic mode

The Covid emergency has exponentially increased the search for information on news portals and newspapers.

Programmatic Advertising

We can Plan on a vast number of portals, premium sites and app, such as Corriere, Repubblica, Sole24Ore,, 3BMeteo, La7, through the Real Time Bidding, An innovative web, in app and video banner scheduling system, which uses specific algorithms by which ads can be geolocated and displayed only to potentially interested people. In this way, we can create display and video campaigns that automatically profile the target audience, optimizing CTR and CPC according to the user’s browsing path and enabling high-quality leads at a low cost.

Native video on web and social

The Covid emergence has also exponentially increased the time spent by users on digital devices.

The NATIVE VIDEO system allows a video spot or with branded content to appear within portals and news outlets in which there is brand protection (no user generated content) or on social networks, and make it appear as content that is integrated and consistent with what you are watching. The delivery system can be set up as Cost Per Completed View, guaranteeing the customer that he or she has paid for the entire view of his or her video.

As with RTB, Native Video can also be purchased during this period with a reduction on the starting CPM of 20% compared to usual. Finally, on schedules scheduled by the end of the month, the inRead Social Video product with Cost Per Completed View purchase provides a guaranteed minimum reduction over FB or IN benchmarks of 20 percent.

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For more information on the type of service see the section onRTB digital advertising.

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