Restart safely with Safety Check

The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has affected our daily lives and had significant effects on businesses and workers. Measures to reduce social contact have forced the total closure of some sectors/companies, for others the adoption of organizational measures to safeguard workers’ health, encouraging smart working, imposing physical separation measures on company premises and the use of personal protective equipment.

What is Safety Check?

We are now in Phase 2, which involves the gradual resumption of activities within workplaces, factories, logistics warehouses, and offices that will need to take measures to counter and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in workplaces. Safety Check is the modular solution of integrated digital tools to securely manage access control of employees/visitors in public places or private companies, communicate symptomology (in compliance with GDPR), inform about the norms of behavior to be adopted, and monitor compliance with social distancing rules.

The following three modules are available, which can be combined with specially designed communication kits and with the possibility of taking advantage of credit access tools:

  • Mobile App
  • Thermo Scanner
  • SafeX Tracer

Mobile App

The mobile application makes it possible to manage employee and external access to the company, monitor health status through self-certification via a check-list, manage the occupancy of indoor spaces with the possibility of booking common areas , and encourage responsible behavior by monitoring compliance with interpersonal distance. It is a simple, fast and effective communication channel.

Two versions of the app are available with different functionalities, both of which can be managed from a very intuitive back-end interface : the BASIC version allows user profiling, check-in management, and checklist completion to monitor employee health status. In addition to these features, the PRO version allowsintegration with the Thermo Scanner.

THERMO SCANNER for access control

This is a device for temperature detection and facial recognition, with possible connection to automatic door opening to allow controlled entry of employees/visitors/customers.

The device is the size of a tablet and has 2 cameras, one of which is an infrared sensor for thermal imaging. The device detects the subject’s temperature in a range of 30 to 45 degrees and if deemed suitable automatically generates a QR Code that allows the user to log in.

It has internal memory and a database aimed at containing anonymized photographs of the company’s employees: a proprietary algorithm identifies the match between the scan of the employee approaching the sensor with the database of photographs preloaded when the device is configured, all in compliance with GDPR regulations.

The process of facial recognition and thermographic analysis takes less than 300 milliseconds. The device has LAN and WiFi connectivity, which can be activated or not depending on the need to connect with corporate information systems.

SAFEX TRACER for social distancing

Use of a beacon, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a wearable device that enables distance monitoring between operators and anonymous tracking of contacts in the workplace.

These are the main features:

  • When worn by an operator, it can detect other nearby devices. When two or more operators approach each other, the devices emit an alarm signal (via LED, sound, vibration) that increases with decreasing distance to a continuous alarm.
  • All alarm events, including the timestamp, are saved in the device’s internal memory
  • The device does not require any physical infrastructure to operate.

Coronavirus prevention communication kit proposal

We also developed a kit of communication materials dedicated to coronavirus prevention to support social distancing and contact tracing activities, with the goal of securing employees and public contact areas.

All products are fully customizable according to the brand’s guidelines: these are a special selection of ready-to-use, useful and functional products to prevent and contain Covid-19 infection and allow business activities to continue.

The goal is to maximize customer and employee engagement and awareness, providing immediate guidance, content and tools that can ensure compliance with current distancing regulations, while at the same time conveying a consistent and appealing image of the brand and company even under special conditions such as the current ones, thus ensuring physical distancing but limiting emotional and communicative distancing as much as possible.

Access to credit

The Liquidity Decree no. 23/2020 makes liquidity support measures available to SMEs through the transformation of the Guarantee Fund into an instrument capable of guaranteeing up to 100 MLD. In this regard, thanks to our partner Finsa, we can provide support for:

  • Ensuring the fastest possible timeframe, working alongside the professionals already assisting the company
  • Ensuring a professional and deeply experienced interlocutor in dealing with Banks
  • Identify any other possible forms of:
    • Analysis of financial needs and best forms of coverage
    • Assisting in the development of the Business Plan and the relationship with the Banking System.
    • Management Control and Financial Planning
    • Support in Extraordinary Finance Operations and Corporate Restructuring

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