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Publicized on social media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest: it is important to have a presence on social networks and manage communication on these channels in the best possible way, including carrying out ADV campaigns with specific objectives: increasing engagement, brand awareness, and sales of your e-commerce.

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Influencers: how to engage them on your social media

Influencer marketing communication activities involving web celebrities constitute the vanguard of marketing. Different kinds of activities are possible:

  • Testimonial: Involvement of high-level influencers (often television personalities) with the aim of associating the brand with a well-known face, highly followed on social networks and with shared values.
  • Micro-Nano influencer: Searching, selecting and managing influencers with a large following on social media who are willing to interact with the brand or its products, even if only for a short communication campaign.
  • Phygital: New frontier of influencer marketing that enables real contact between influencers the brand and their followers, often through real events and example of Product Discovery, Brand Conversation or Brand Experience.

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Sponsor your video on YouTube

Video is one of the most successful formats in terms of views by users. With a video/spot already created or to be created in a few steps:

  • You can create and manage YouTube advertising campaigns with different formats: TrueView, Bumper Ads, etc.
  • You can optimize budgets and conversions, thanks to the highest level of partnership with Google (Premier Partner)

We can help you as a one-stop shop on the entire project, from creative ideation, video production, advertising campaign, and lead generation.

Learn more about the benefits of using YouTube.

Restart photo shoot with social editorial plan

We propose the creation of a corporate photo shoot with which to tell through images all the provisions adopted in the field of safety and security.

The images can then be used to create a dedicated social editorial plan.

The goal is to communicate to customers that they can enter companies or businesses confidently and safely. The images may then depict the empty spaces, with staff or even the first customers inside.

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