TV commercials, the queen of communication


National TV is the most important mass media in Italy, capable of renewal year after year but always able to reach millions of people with great effectiveness. In the current lockdown situation, they have achieved utilization increases of up to 30 percent compared to the same months in past years.

Local TV , on the other hand, is now a viable advertising alternative for companies that do not need to promote themselves all over the peninsula.

TV Campaigns

We can plan advertising campaigns on any broadcaster and the best satellite TV channels dedicated to sports, entertainment, culture, entertainment, science, film, fashion, music. Very attractive promotions for new customers are available during this period, for example, the second week gift.

Smart-TV to communicate to specific targets

Smart and Addressable planning represent theevolution of television planning.

They are carried both via satellite (on the screens of those with the latest decoders, e.g., SKY) and via free-to-air channels (digital terrestrial, but only on smart TVs connected to the Internet) .


These types make it possible to reach the TV audience most akin to the target of the communication with a targeted advertising campaign focused on quality content for any business and market segment.

The audience can be selected by socio-demo variables or, by interests or even by geographical areas (regions, provinces and municipalities). The formats that can be planned are different: classic TV spot, minivideo, L-shape banner with click to minisite, click to video, etc.

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