Spada Media Group for Moscova&Partners

Moscova&Partners relies on Spada Media Group for its new billboard campaign

Moscova&Partners, a brand of the Allianz group has chosen to entrust Spada Media Group with the programming of its new campaign in the Milan subways.

Spada Media Group’s campaign

The billboards, which will be featured at 70 stations, will feature the company’s business model, which is quite unique for the industry. As Gianluca Mario Ruggiero, co-founder with Giancarlo Locatelli of Moscova&Partners, explained, the campaign is aimed at possible new partner who are offered the opportunity to get 100% of the commissions On the sale of policies on the condition of following A dynamic, up-to-date method that takes into account new technologies available. DailyMedia, PubliNow and Touchpoint Today reported on our campaign.

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