New Frontiers of Advertising on TV


From Addressable TV to the new digital terrestrial challenge

It is 2020 and still TV remains one of the most important mass media in Italy, able to reach millions of people daily with great effectiveness. An importance borne out by the data: during the lockdown period, for example, there was a +37 percent increase in TV ratings (according to Confindustria Radio Tv data) compared to the same period last year.

This increase affected national TV, local TV, but also “digital” views of TV broadcasts: a sign of an evolution of this media, which sees the gradual spread of Smart TV and so-called Addressable TV for advertising planning.

The Vanguard of Addressable TV

Addressable TV is an innovative way of delivering advertisements on TV that enables the following Show real-time customized creativity based on the target audience. This is possible because digital TV provides a great deal of data on its users, allowing viewers to be grouped according to the content they actually see.

In fact, if the devices used to access TV programs are connected to the Internet (e.g., smart TVs, set top boxes, tablets, smartphones, or PCs), modern tracking technologies provide real-time information about the programs that are actually being viewed, as well as the geolocation of the user. This then allows you to show ads targeted only to your target audience, all with budgets that remain affordable for even the smallest entities.

The turning point of the new digital terrestrial

Addressable planning can then also be used within “free to air” channels, i.e., digital terrestrial, but only on smart TVs connected to the Internet. In this regard, it will be interesting to observe the evolution of this planning mode when the new digital terrestrial television is launched, which will take place in exactly one year’s time with the “switch-off” of all older TV sets that are not adapted to the new TV standard. The transition will take place gradually from September 1, 2021, following an established timetable that will gradually involve all Italian regions and provinces.

The new digital terrestrial standard will replace the current version and enable users to watch all broadcasts in high definition, with more efficient and stable use of frequencies and less risk of interference. In order to tune in to the new frequencies, older TV sets will have to be replaced, or a state-of-the-art decoder capable of receiving the signal with the new encoding will have to be purchased.

This shift will also mark an important time for TV advertising campaigns, as more and more TV sets will be connected to the Internet, making it possible to reach a much wider audience with personalized and geo-localized content.

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