Digital giants also rely on offline advertising: the Amazon case


How many times have we heard that online marketing is the only frontier because it is more effective than offline marketing? Often the latest generation of marketing managers lean toward “one direction” choices, which exclude more traditional, non-digital media a priori in their plans. However, this is a short-sighted or partially efficient choice. In fact, the marketing campaigns that work the most are generally cross-marketing: for our agency, this is a kind of “credo,” a “mantra” that we have been practicing for years, now more relevant than ever. And it is no coincidence that even real web giants, such as Google and Amazon, are investing heavily in offline advertising today. We are seeing it just these days, on the vehicles and roads we drive on a daily basis.

Tools such as billboards or other types of dynamic posters, in fact, remain crucial even today in the age of Web 2.0, as they enable widespread outreach throughout the target territory. The plus of this media is the great-and different-visibility, which is why it is often included within cross-media strategies designed to reach even that segment of the public that online promotion would fail to touch.

The Amazon case in Milan: Hub Counter and the new season of “The Boys”

In recent weeks, Jeff Bezos’ own digital giant has chosen to adopt some offline promotion techniques in our territory as well, taking advantage of traditional signage, for example. The first example concerns the launch of Amazon Hub Counter, the new network that will allow people to pick up their orders at enabled stores: Amazon decided to communicate the launch of the service through a massive cross-media campaign using various OOH tools, including small and medium-format billboards (in the photos some signs in the North Milan area) giving wide frequency and strong ubiquity to the advertising message.

A second and recent example concerns the start of the new season of the series “The Boys, brand exclusive product Prime Video: Amazon has chosen to use some premium and backlit formats, That allow greater visibility, Placed in places with high transit frequency such as subway stations and streetcar and bus stops Ensuring strong relevance and impact to communication.

The importance of offline advertising in 2020

Out of home (OOH) campaigns can be of different types and formats, from classic posters found on the sides of major roads, to maxi posters visible on buildings under construction, from LED screens popular in stations to posters found on buses or streetcars. In most cases they are placed in high traffic locations such as stations, shopping malls or airports.

Billboard advertising remains a media of considerable strategic importance precisely because of its widespread presence throughout the territory and its ability to intercept a broader and more cross-sectional target of potential customers, especially if it is placed at high-passage points in large metropolises.

The goal of this media is to intercept the gaze of passersby on the most popular routes: for this reason Must be graphically realized in a strategic way, using eye-catching layouts, colors and images capable of capturing attention and imprinting a message or image leaving a vivid memory of the brand and advertising claim.

It is therefore important to evaluate this media as well when setting up a comprehensive and effective advertising strategy. As a Media Center we directly take care of the selection, booking and management of all OOH advertising campaigns – for more information you can see the page dedicated to the Milan billboard realization service on our website.

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