How to have a consistent and effective Brand Identity


A winning company is one that presents itself to the public-and thus to its potential customers-with a clear and consistent image. All the different media used must be coordinated, not only in terms of content, but also and especially in terms of graphics-this is the element that makes the difference and makes one’s Brand Identity effective.

What is communicative coherence?

The term “consistency,” understood in the sense of “lack of contradiction,” is a virtue that is as difficult to cultivate as it is fundamental to all daily activities, from the simplest and most recurrent to the most complex. In the corporate environment, consistency and integration of communication are absolutely essential to gain recognition, establish yourself in the marketplace and increase your brand visibility so that potential customers can easily identify and recognize your company.

An integrated communication strategy also allows users to establish greater trust in the company, thereby increasing both loyalty to the company and the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.

The importance of the logo and corporate image

One of the key aspects of a company’s communication coherence is its image: the brand must be easily identifiable and memorable, so that it immediately captures the user’s attention and is remembered. In this sense the brand design is found to be a key element in corporate image and the creation of the logo, is its starting point: the visual identity (symbol and logotype) must aim at the immediate recognition of the brand whose characteristics it is essential to enhance by means of aesthetics and conveying meanings.

Logo, colors, website, signboard, brochure, letterhead, business cards, etc. must be coordinated and homogeneous: in other words, they must be consistent with each other in order to consolidate and enhance the so-called brand identity and define the coordinated image of the company, which must be entirely designed by the latter.

Consistency and coordination must also cover all communication channels that are to be used, from the more traditional (ATL communication) to the more innovative (BTL communication, digital, and web and social campaigns).

The most important element, however, remains the corporate message, which must be clear, concise, memorable and, above all, must highlight the factors that distinguish the company from its main competitors in the same industry.

How to organize your company’s communication

Integrated communication, characterized by synergistic and complementary actions aimed at defining a coordinated image, is therefore the winning weapon that can bring new potential customers closer. How best to organize it? First by defining one or more goals within an integrated action plan that are consistent with the corporate vision. Next, it is necessary to determine the tone of voice of one’s message: whether it is friendly or more formal, the important thing is that the tone used is always in line with the company’s brand identity and is consistent with the image to be conveyed, the objective to be achieved and the potential customers to be intercepted. Finally, it is crucial to verify The consistency of the corporate image used across all channels.

Instead, many companies often navigate by sight, without having a clear strategy. Some revamp the image of online channels while neglecting offline ones or vice versa; others who have a plurality of providers (an agency for the website, a freelancer for social, a designer for graphics, and so on) struggle to find consistency in their message, thus conveying it in a fragmented and haphazard manner. If a company’s marketing team does not work synergistically, confusion and disorientation will result. Messages are inconsistent, the tone of voice changes depending on the channel used, technical language and any translations are not always accurate and complete. Therefore, it is essential to formalize communication guidelines in a preliminary document, to be shared with all colleagues in order to achieve uniformity of language and a consistent visual approach over time.

Revamping one’s corporate image, updating it by following the current graphic trends, while maintaining one’s identity is the first step in making the most of one’s brand image.To request a free quote for a logo study or restyling project, you can consult the dedicated section of our website. We also point out that, only for the month of October, a very interesting promotion is active: 20% discount on the list price in case of creation of a new logo with coordinated image or brandbook .

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