Social Media Management, a great team effort (…other than “the do-it-yourself!”)


We may be disappointing some of you, but it is our duty to tell you that no, owning a smartphone and opening your own social profile does not make you a specialist in the field: social media management, on a professional level, is a delicate and complex activity that requires the employment of several people. Indeed, to achieve concrete results, it is necessary to develop a solid strategy and editorial plan, but also to manage the adv and community: operations carried out in synergy by the entire Social Team. We talk about a real Team because, within structured agencies, to accompany the Social Media Manager we also find specialized Copywriters and Graphic Designers.

The Social Media Manager – See the item “my cousin does the posts anyway”

The Social Media Manager must possess numerous soft skills, ranging from creativity, strategic and coordination skills to crisis management. Figuring out which social media to use-declining strategy and content-creating paid campaigns and analyzing insights are tasks that require overview and deep industry knowledge.

The social media manager not only creates editorial plans, but is in direct and constant relationship with users; in fact, as a community manager, he or she is in charge of responding to private messages and comments, flagging and moderating the most critical ones. To perform these tasks requires strong interpersonal skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the industry, brand and products being promoted.

In addition to this, the social media manager must master the marketing tools made available by social platforms, planning paid campaigns based on the client’s goals. Even the best editorial plan, which is original and visually effective, still needs to be supported by adv in order to achieve a significant reach. Knowing how to properly allocate these budgets then becomes crucial in order not to waste resources.

The Social Media Manager’s analytical skills come into play when it comes to interpreting reports and insights: only through intelligent monitoring of results can one improve one’s strategy, maximizing the effectiveness of the content posted. Analyzing audience behaviors, knowing how to capture sentiment and preferences to identify the most effective strategy, is a factor that can really make a difference within a social campaign.

The Copywriter – “Come on, but it’s just a little phrase.”

This figure is responsible for creating text for social posts, working closely with the social media manager. There are many aspects to take into account when communicating on social media: first and foremost, the company’s tone of voice, which is defined on the basis of brand identity and can be declined depending on the platform. Effective content on Facebook, in fact, does not necessarily have to be effective on Instagram, so it is important to keep up to date and be very familiar with the medium. The language of social lives in the present, which is why it is constantly evolving and in constant dialogue with current events: ignoring this aspect can drastically reduce the incisiveness and effectiveness of one’s channel.

The Graphic designer – Final draft_DEFok_last_is_lei.pdf

The third figure considered collaborates with the first two to create graphics and images, essential components of posts on any social network. Numerous studies (but also our daily experience can certify this) have shown that users’ attention is captured mainly by image, the main carrier of communication, acting also on a subliminal and emotional level. From the more informal register of Facebook to the business register of Linkedin, the Graphic Designer must be able to handle different visual languages, in constant dialogue with Copywriters and Social Media Managers. Not only images, but also gifs and videos: these two formats, which are increasingly in demand and appreciated by social media users, imply that the skills of this figure should not be limited to photo editing programs alone, but also sweep towards videomaking ones.

A team of social media marketing professionals at your service

Spada Media Group provides its clients with a team specialized in communication on all major social media, capable of following projects in every area-from strategic planning to the creation of original and impactful content, to monitoring and reporting results. Too often the management of social media is entrusted to a single figure (and even worse if he or she is not specialized), with the great risk of wasting energy and budget without taking advantage of the real effectiveness of these increasingly business-oriented tools. Today, more than ever, it is important not to waste resources and to make the most effective choice: rely on professionals.

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