Newsletters: how they are created and why they are important


Direct marketing has over time taken on a strategic role for companies. In fact, despite the explosion of social networking, e-mails and newsletters remain a key communication tool, representing a key means of new customer acquisition and retention.

Newsletters: what they are and how they work

Newsletters are emails sent by companies to their regular or potential customers. They periodically inform about latest news, products, promotions or initiatives.
In fact, thanks to the ability to segment the target audience based on selected databases, it is possible to build customer loyalty with personalized content, proposing offers, services and products based on preferences and interests.

In this way, communication becomes an opportunity to forge a stronger bond with customers (or potential customers) without wasting resources but maximizing communication potential.

Official newsletters also are never sent without the recipient’s consent; in fact, it is the user himself who consents to the sending of these e-mails by signing up for a particular site or loyalty program, again in compliance with privacy regulations and GDPR.

How to create an effective newsletter

The creation of an incisive e-mail message requires a very diverse set of skills: it is necessary to construct a message that captures the recipient’s attention while communicating effectively, so a preliminary study of the graphic structure, color schemes, and position of text and links is important. In fact, numerous studies have shown how colors and position of elements can influence the user’s choices by making them more inclined to perform a certain action.

Texts should be short and catchy and placed in a simple, well-organized structure. Fundamental, then, is the division into paragraphs. The tone of voice of a newsletter must be consistent with the rest of the company’s communication: consequently, you should always pay attention to your target audience and goals.

Why create a newsletter

Using newsletters creates several benefits and strengthens customer relationships through targeted content that is actually interesting to recipients. They allow direct communication of the launch of new products, services or particular offers. In addition, they are a valuable tool for increasing traffic and conversions on one’s websites.

When created through professional platforms, newsletters can be useful in returning important data about the preferences and behavior of customers or potential customers. In fact, having detailed reports on the opens and clicks made on different message content allows you to understand which graphic solutions are most effective, which type of content or offer interests you the most, and what your customers’ preferences are.

This is why it is important to turn to industry professionals who can use specific tools, analyze the data and create a coherent and effective strategy. The service offered by Spada Media Group covers. all stages of a direct marketing campaign: the analysis and identification of the profiled prospect lists, the creativity and design of the graphic layout optimized for each device, the copy editing for SMS or DEM, the sending through a professional platform to the databases, and, finally, the analysis of the results for the client with ad hoc reports.

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