“CO2 Neutral” Websites: contribute to reforestation through your website

Have you ever wondered if a website can pollute? There are currently more than 1.5 billion websites in the world, and in recent years in particular, more and more businesses and companies have created a website to stay abreast of the times and new forms of marketing. What not everyone knows, however, is that the Internet, with its servers, also contributes to CO2 production, consequently impacting the environment: electricity consumed by computers globally accounts for about 2 percent of air pollution on the planet. For this reason, Spada Media Group, which has always been sensitive to environmental and social responsibility issues, has decided to join Tree-Nation , an initiative created to contribute to the reforestation of the planet’s green spaces and to combat desertification and climate change. To do this, in addition to actively participating in the reforestation program, the agency has also decided to offer CO2 Neutral websites to its clients, in order to raise awareness of more and more realities toward this issue that is fundamental to the well-being of our community.

Tree-Nation: the environmental social network.

Tree-Nation is a social network established in 2006 with the goal of “combating climate change, desertification and poverty by promoting and supporting reforestation projects in different parts of the world.” Since its inception, it has collaborated with the United Nations Environment Program and Plant for the planet, whose main goal is to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to direct forest creation, the projects also aim to create new sources of income for local people and increase agricultural production in the areas surrounding the plantations.

The site allows companies and users who sign up for the program to build their personal profiles to share photos, take part in discussions, sign and create petitions, and enter a summary of trees purchased and had planted. In fact, depending on the area chosen, the user has the opportunity to choose one from the approximately 50 species in the catalog, customize the tree and plant it. Through GPS, you will then be able to see your tree online and observe it as it grows. To date, more than 7 million trees have been planted by Tree-Nation.

The contribution of Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group has also joined the program, installing the Tree-Nation smart CO2 Neutral Website label within its site. It is a tool that is placed in the footer of the site and tracks the CO2 emissions produced by the site and converts them by counting the new trees to be planted.

In fact, the tool tracks website emissions, and once a certain volume is reached, to offset them, a tree is automatically made to be planted within the company’s chosen project. In the case of Spada Media group, it is a moringa oleifera in Bore, Kenya.

In addition, through the platform one can easily monitor how much CO2 the planted trees are offsetting and constantly measure their positive impact on the environment.

To date, Spada Media Group has already planted 100 trees in Bore, contributing to the reforestation of 0.13 hectares of land and saving 7 tons of CO2. And in 2021, the company’s commitment will increase to over 200 trees planted. Therefore, in order to contribute to this important cause, we are ready to offer our clients the opportunity to create CO2 Neutral websites, with the appropriate certification. Learn more about how to go about creating your new CO2Neutral website!


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