Influencer Marketing: a new and disruptive way of communication, other than “passing fad”!


More and more today we hear about influencers, web celebrities, youtubers and tik tokers .Influencer marketing has climbed the ranks of new ways of communicating, entering fully into the most in-demand areas of web marketing. The phenomenon, at first labeled as a “passing fad,” is undoubtedly very interesting, especially for companies and brands that focus on innovative strategies to increase their visibility. Moreover, this is a market area that is growing steadily, so much so that it is expected to reach a turnover of $15 billion by 2022 (source Business Insider). But who are the “influencers” today? Let’s try to shed some light by analyzing the main dynamics of the industry.

Identikit of influencers: who are they?

Let’s start with a definition:influencer marketing is described as a strategy based on the principle that certain individuals are able to exert a certain “influence” on other people’s behavior and purchasing power. If previously this was done through traditional advertising campaigns that used actors or well-known personalities, now the world of social networks has radically altered certain mechanisms, bringing to the fore new figures who were born exclusively on the web, or who through it have extremely increased their popularity: hence the emergence of the influencers, people followed by a sizable audience and perfect spokespersons for brands that engage them to advertise their products or services, being able to reach their target audience in a more authentic and credible way.

There are three main categories of influencers, namely:

  • The testimonials are the influencers who are considered to be high-level influencers with millions of followers on their social channels. They are often entertainment or television personalities who are also active online. Brands seek to create an association with the well-known face of the testimonial and emphasize its shared values.
  • Micro-influencers have a good following on social media (especially Instagram), which can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of followers, and are willing to interact with the brand or its products, even if only for short campaigns.
  • New figures within influencer marketing, on the other hand, are phygital influencers who enable real contact between followers and brands. They are often involved during Brand Experience or Product Discovery events and occasions.

How to engage influencers?

Each influencer has his or her own following, so the degree of involvement one wants to achieve must be well studied. Generally, the creation of a well-structured influencer marketing project goes through several steps:

  1. an initial recruitment phase, in which we look for the personalities who can best reach the specific target audience;
  2. A second phase in which a strategy is developed according to the goals set. The content featured in the project can be diverse, from sponsorships to contests and giveaways, and is agreed upon with the influencer himself or herself, also welcoming any suggestions he or she may have, so as to make the content produced even more authentic.
  3. Once the project is defined, with the timing and frequency of publications, the actual activity of sharing content begins.
  4. Finally, the results that were achieved are analyzed using various measurement tools-a final but crucial step in assessing the outcome of the activity.

The benefits of influencer marketing

The strategies of influencer marketing are beneficial to companies not only because they enable them to achieve their ultimate goal (i.e., that of a increased sales of their products or services) but also because of the direct report established with the consumer, which is precisely the target audience that the company itself is trying to reach. In fact, we speak of a native approach, that is, a relationship based on interaction with the end user(pull) as opposed to traditional advertising logics that propose content without direct consumer demand(push).

Influencer marketing has now become an important tool for digital communication, which is why Spada Media Group offers its clients a complete service of recruitment, coordination and management of influencers , in order to achieve maximum results in terms of visibility. Contact us to learn more or for a customized project.

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