SEO and Social Media: which strategy to follow?


SEO and Social Media: which strategy to follow?

With the widespread dissemination of technology, web marketing techniques have become more and more refined and articulate and complex strategies have been devised. Among the most effective digital tools in terms of marketing, SEO and the use of Social Media play a key role. But which strategy, between SEO and Social Media, is best to follow to ensure the success of one’s business? Let’s find out together.

SEO vs Social Media

Is it with SEO or through Social Media that you can make a difference in terms of digital marketing? This is a very complex question that is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to, given that Both of these tools are very important for developing one’s online business. SEO and Social Media should therefore not be considered two antithetical realities but rather integrable: only by investing in both, in fact, is it possible to outline a complete and effective digital marketing strategy.

What is SEO and what is it for

SEO – an acronym for Search Engine Optimization – identifies the set of strategies for optimizing a website for search engines. What does it mean to optimize? Simple: design the entire architecture of a website so that search engines can “read” it more easily. In other words, the more a site is SEO-friendly , the greater the likelihood that it will appear among the top search results .

SEO is an indispensable tool for improving a site’s search engine rankings and, as a result, increasing traffic and sales, since the person entering a search query always has a specific goal, whether it is to find a solution to a problem or an answer to a question.

What is meant by Social Media Marketing

Over the past decade, social networks have become widely used tools, and it is rare now to find not only an individual but also a company that does not have at least one active profile on the major social platforms. It goes without saying that because they are so popular, social networks have become a key tool for digital marketing, and, in fact, we talk about Social Media Marketing to refer to the use of social for the purpose of promoting certain products or services. Social Media Marketing is particularly important for building brand reputation, expanding the community of followers interested in what a brand offers and, therefore, interacting with those who represent it.

To ensure the success of a business on social networks, it is necessary to identify a target audience, with whom to establish a dialogue through the creation of ad hoc content and the design of dedicated campaigns. As with SEO, content plays a crucial role in the case of Social Media Marketing: the quality of what you write, in either case, is in fact a determining factor for marketing purposes. Once you have defined your target audience, you must then offer them relevant and interesting content via your company’s social profiles, as well as be willing to interact directly with followers, for example through chats or via stories.

Does social media marketing work? Certainly. Although when people first started using social networks for digital marketing there was a certain climate of skepticism hovering among those in the industry, in recent years there is a consensus that Social Media Marketing is a trump card for implementing one’s business. And these are not just opinions: recently, several studies and research have been conducted in favor of the thesis of the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing, which have shown how customers who follow a particular brand through social media are more likely to choose the products and services that company offers, and that more than 70 percent of consumers are likely to make a purchase after seeing a post on social media.

SEO vs Social Media: which one is better?

In medio stat virtus, said the Latins. A maxim that also holds true when it comes to SEO and Social Media, since both are important to a company’s success through digital tools. Ideally, activities on social channels should also reinvigorate the SEO strategy, promoting content to a wider audience and maximizing the chances of getting relevant visits.

Through social media, you can generate more traffic to search-optimized pages: users who click on the link are predisposed to read, and if we offer quality content, we can Increase the dwell time on the page and reduce the bounce rate, two key metrics for Google.

Rather than SEO vs. Social Media, then, it would be better to say SEO. e Social media, because both contribute equally to increasing a brand’s visibility and, consequently, increasing the likelihood of sales: thanks to SEO, in fact, a site will be found more easily by users, and through social media there will be more opportunities to propose products and services to more people and extremely quickly.

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