Interview with Lorenzo Spada on Pre/VISIONS by Lefac

Host of the latest Pre/VISIONS by Lefac newsletter. Lorenzo Spada, CCO & Co-Founder of Spada Media Group. Below is the interview from the editorial staff.

Has Covid changed the way you work?

“Certainly changes have taken place, and we have had to readjust our way of working to the pandemic-related situation. However, we were not unprepared. Undoubtedly, as with everyone, the full-fledged entry of smart working has changed many dynamics, in some ways making it more complicated for us to deal directly with clients, moving all meetings and briefings of various projects online. Dto the specific point of view of my business function, however, smart working has not been new, as it has always been an applied work mode for salespeople; what we miss most today is not being able to physically see our customers and create with them that empathy that is fundamental to building projects and closing deals. We did not lose heart and worked on new ways to approach and connect, including through training and new facilitator tools.”

How has the relationship with customers changed?

“The impossibility of meeting and confronting each other in person has changed the relationship in some ways, leading to shifting the entire relationship to the virtual plane. As a result, more frequent and accurate updates on ongoing projects and more listening to each other’s needs are required. In some cases, this situation has paradoxically improved relationships, making them more efficient, accelerating exchanges and sharing. It seems impossible, but we have built and managed entire advertising campaigns, including television, without ever meeting in person with our client. And, in spite of that, the results were really outstanding.”

How has communication changed?

“Because of the pandemic, the world of communication is also experiencing momentous changes. The last period saw an even stronger acceleration toward digital, involving types of companies and sectors of the public that still seemed far removed from this world. As a result, several brands have completely changed their communication habits, investing in the development of e-commerce, digital content, and pushed even further into social media, going on to explore new scenarios and platforms such as Tik Tok or the more recent Clubhouse. Building good brand awareness for a company nowadays cannot be separated from building a good relationship with its users/customers through an appealing image on social media and an excellent web reputation.”

How will your work change?

“Certainly the pandemic will leave consequences in the way we work. For example, smart working will be much more widespread than in the pre-Covid period, and companies will increasingly focus on digital. As a result, practices such as video calls will also be much more present in the work lives of all of us, perhaps avoiding the need to postpone or reschedule in-person meetings with clients that are difficult to fit between work commitments. In building the relationship with clients we will need to be increasingly educated on all available products, both digital and offline, and it will be critical to be more and more strategy consultants and solution builders.”

Pandemic and digital: what fears and opportunities?

“From a situation like the one we are experiencing, rather than having fears, we should try to seize new opportunities. The push toward digital has given new impetus to sectors that were already growing but have now certainly received a new boost, from social to the web world in general, and companies who have known digital will no longer abandon it and will also have this stage available for their investments.”

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