Real-Time Bidding: the new frontier of digital advertising


The term Programmatic Advertising refers to the macro-set of activities involving the use of platforms and software for the automated purchase of digital media space through servers that connect buyers and sellers. One of its most up-and-coming components is Real-Time Bidding (RTB), a type of display advertising that literally translates as “real-time bidding,” a new marketing opportunity that is very competitive and beneficial for different brands. Let’s see in detail what this is all about.

RTB: what it is and how it works

Real-Time Bidding is a display advertising technology that allows real-time acquisition of online advertising space through an auction that is managed by an ad network (Ad Exchange), a software that collects hundreds of sites within it and allows it to reach profiled targets around the world. During the auction, the publisher sells impressions and makes its space available online, while the advertiser, after posting its campaign, places its bid on a given space. At that point, the software collects the different bids and determines a winner.

How RTB campaigns are structured

RTB display campaigns show a product or service on a website through the use of banners, usually made in standard IAB formats.

For the implementation of a campaign, one must take into consideration:

  • The duration, which varies depending on the objective set: it can start from a minimum of 15 to 20 days to year-long, ongoing campaigns
  • The budget, related to client availability and the strategies employed
  • The channels to use (desktop or mobile)
  • The goals to be achieved (which may be increased website visits, increased visibility for the brand, etc.).
  • The target audience

After the graphic design of the ad, one must design the specific landing page to which each banner will be linked. Regular monitoring of campaign results becomes essential during the reporting phase, which is usually done through monthly reports showing statistics, impressions, time slots, etc. to be analyzed with the initial goals.

The Benefits of Real-Time Bidding

RTB mechanism facilitates the buying and selling of digital space for all actors involved and allows them to reap several benefits: sites that provide their own advertising space have an effective tool at their disposal, while advertisers can better identify their target audience and get more targeted ads and a greater chance of tracking results by being able to appear in high-profile sites at absolutely advantageous prices. It also allows for better profiling of the target audience as well as possible correction on the campaign while it is in progress.

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