Spada Media Group for Grand Hotel Cadenabbia: brand “Restyling” to 4 stars

The Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, a renowned 4-star hotel overlooking Lake Como, chose to entrust Spada Media Group with the renewal of its corporate image by carrying out a major brand restyling.

Dating back to 1802, the hotel was completely renovated in the early 2000s and perfectly combines the beauty of Lake Como with the comfort of a unique hotel. Renowned for its charm and halls decorated with ancient stuccoes, mirrors and frescoes and for its spacious terraces, it also recently hosted the crew of “House of Gucci,” Ridley Scott’s new film starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, which featured the filming of some scenes along the picturesque shores of Lake Como.

A logo in step with the times

The creation or restyling of a logo is the starting point and foundation of all of a company’s visual communication.The visual identity, in fact, must aim at the enhancement and immediate recognition of the brand.

As a rule, a good brand should be simple, easily distinguishable, versatile, and above all a clear symbol of what the company wants to communicate.

Changing one’s logo, therefore, is a very delicate process that many brands face with difficulty, especially when it is geared toward the minimalism in fashion in recent years. For this reason, even in the case of the restyling of the logo of the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, an attempt was made to balance between the innovative and more modern thrust and the traditional values that characterize the history of the building.

The redesign of the Cadenabbia logo.

We love to renew ourselves all the time, to offer our guests an ever-changing experience.” Thus the luxury hotel announced the restyling of its corporate logo on its social channels, reiterating the need to make its image more modern. Grand Hotel Cadenabbia has a long history behind it, but it has managed over the years, especially after its renovation in the early 2000s, to continuously reinvent itself without forgetting its roots.

A spirit of adaptation and continuous renewal that is well represented in the new logo: despite the presence of innovative graphic elements, such as the color green, space has still been left for the symbols that have accompanied the brand for many years. In fact, theeagle and shield are depicted in the center in a minimal, up-to-date style. Framing them are the letters that go to make up the name of the facility, written in a clear, modern and easily readable font that, while simple, hints at the luxury and charm of the Grand Hotel.

This succeeded both in recalling the corporate values, which characterize the hotel and its perception, and in manifesting openness to innovation and new trends.

Restyling the logo, then, is only the first step in beginning a process of “rejuvenating” the brand image, such as the one asked of us in this case by the client.

Brand Design is now one of the flagships of the services offered by Spada Media Group. In fact, we are able to offer consulting and naming services, logo study and design of the entire corporate image, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years.

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