Spada Media Group and PharmaNutra’s new UltraMag® campaign.

PharmaNutra S.p.A., a leading pharmaceutical company in the nutritional supplements sector, has launched a new advertising campaign dedicated to UltraMag®, a dietary supplement based on Sucrosomal Magnesium®, created by Spada Media Group.

PharmaNutra launches with Spada Media Group new advertising campaign dedicated to UltraMag®

The claim “100% Sucrosomal Magnesium®, 100% MAGnifica” emphasizes not only the main feature of the supplement, namely that it is exclusively based on Magnesium Sucromial® and help replenish natural magnesium supplies, but also the intended audience, the female one: the woman who takes UltraMag is, in fact, a resourceful, confident, refined woman in harmony with herself. The end user must, therefore, aspire to achieve the same balance, identifying with this model of femininity.

To the reference site you can find all the main information about the product, from the package insert to the properties of magnesium and its benefits, but the real focal point of the campaign is the video, curated entirely by our agency, which explains the benefits of the product and identifies the target audience. The original 30″ video, available on the website, has been adapted in different formats and will be declined in the coming months in some YouTube video campaigns, RTB (Real Time Bidding) and shared on other digital platforms along with native articles or branded content.

Video commercials but not only


Also important was the involvement of publications such as Vanity Fair, Io Donna, Grazia, Donna Moderna, Famiglia Cristiana, Star Bene and D – La Repubblica delle Donne, which between April and June gave space to the product on their pages.

Also of particular note are the partnerships with the health portal MyPersonalTrainer and Freeda, a media brand focused on the female universe with which mainly social actions were activated through stories and illustrated posts on Instagram.

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