SEO modules to optimize your PrestaShop site

When you decide to open an e-commerce business, the choice of CMS – Content Management System – is crucial and has a decisive impact on the structure and thus the future of your online business.

Born in 2007, PrestaShop is an open-source technology that possesses enormous advantages whatever the size of the enterprise that is going to sell online: from high technological performance to ease of installation and use, through extreme customization that allows the functionality of the shop to be quickly extended thanks to a wide range of modules.

To ensure that your store has adequate search engine visibility, in addition to choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective platform, you need to implement an organic ranking strategy that includes SEO optimization techniques focused on the main onsite elements: code, performance and domain content.

PrestaShop modules to make your store SEO-friendly

Thanks to the growing popularity of PrestaShop, there are now numerous extensions available on the official marketplace designed to make it easier for users to use the site and to meet a wide variety of sales needs.

Among these add-ons we find modules developed to speed up -and in some cases automate-some lengthy and complex SEO optimization procedures that, if done manually, would take too much time and carry a high risk of error, with potential collateral damage to the rankings acquired and the traffic driven to the site.

The greatest benefits of SEO modules for PrestaShop result in simplified use and code optimization that make it unnecessary for programmers with advanced computer skills and – no small matter – save time and money. In addition, this type of tool facilitates the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the web architecture, providing suggestions on improving the structure and ensuring a more in-depth control of all elements within the site.

Here is a selection of useful SEO modules to boost your e-commerce:

  • SEO Expert: this is a comprehensive add-on dedicated to search engine optimization and developed by PrestaShop itself. Thanks to the implementation and automatic generation of meta tags (title and description first and foremost, but also the Open Graph protocol for sharing content on social media) it promotes the indexing of category pages and product sheets, achieving significant time savings.
  • Canonical URLs: this extension is essential to shelter you from one of the most dangerous enemies of a site that aspires to climb the top positions of Google SERPs: duplicate content. Within e-commerce with a very large catalog and products declined in multiple variants and combinations (e.g., color, size, gender) that can be reached from multiple URLs, the module allows the addition of canonical tags, indicating to search engines the “original” page to be taken into account for indexing and thus avoiding annoying penalties.
  • Pretty URLs: the add-on acts on URL writing, a key element to be optimized from an SEO perspective to ensure optimal ranking among search results. The tool helps generate talkable and readable URLs by, for example, removing superfluous elements such as special characters, numbers, and IDs, avoiding duplicates, and operating 301 redirects from old addresses to new ones to avoid the occurrence of 404 errors.
  • SEO images: the tool automates the creation of the Alt attribute of product images by populating them with relevant content capable of increasing organic page rankings. Alternative text was created to aid understanding of image content for people with disabilities, but it is also of critical importance for SEO purposes because it facilitates ranking among search results on Google Images.
  • Page Cache Ultimate: With this module you can considerably reduce page load time – an important ranking factor – and thus retain more visitors by preventing them from relying on better-performing competitor sites. The tool stores resources in the browser cache making browsing faster and reducing costs from hosting: consumption of CPU, RAM and database connections will be lower.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Store Sitemaps Pro: The extension automatically configures and generates XML sitemaps comprising all URLs of your e-commerce (in all languages available on the store) broken down by category, products, CMS pages and manufacturer. The module also allows users to choose the indexing priority and frequency of sitemap updates, an element that facilitates crawling by search engine crawlers.

Grow your e-commerce together with a trusted SEO partner

Taking advantage of SEO modules designed for Prestashop simplifies search engine optimization efforts but does not replace the experience and expertise of a good SEO Specialist .

The installation of the add-ons themselves, moreover, requires care: a prior benefit-cost analysis should be performed and compatibility with the installed version of the CMS should be checked. Incorrect configuration, then, could nullify the benefits and promises of the module, which should always be set up by an insider who can promptly resolve any malfunctions.

At Spada Media Group, we are a PrestaShop Partner agency and support clients in the realization of performing e-commerce platforms that are optimized to the best for search engines. The synergy of our Software Development and Search Engine Optimization teams enables us to put you in a position to sell online with confidence, making your store competitive through a solid structure and a winning SEO strategy.


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