What are the DNS of a domain?


The Domain Name System (DNS) is the system that governs the translation of network node names into IP addresses. By network node, we mean an Internet site or service (e.g., agencyspada.com). Each node is identified by an IP address, either fixed or dynamic. But what are DNS specifically for and what are they used for?

The Domains

  • For each domain, an owner and a technical manager are indicated: generally, they are different, as the latter is represented by the supporting web agency, i.e., the owner of the domain’s DNS management.
IP_DNS Addresses
  • To trace this information and find out whether a domain has already been registered, one can go to the homepage of a registar site (e.g., Aruba) and type the domain into the search box, or use the Whois service.
  • In addition, on registar portals(Aruba, Register, etc.) we have access to the control panel of a domain (as you can see in the picture below), from which we can access various services, such as the management or creation of e-mails but, above all, the management of DNS.
Control Panel_DNS


DNSs represent the physical address management system of a domain and are the addresses of Internet servers(hosts) or Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

By entering the correct IP addresses within the DNS of a domain, we indicate to all computers accessing that domain to view the Web site, where the server, i.e., the computer, that actually hosts the site (hosting) is located.

In short, every Web site consists of files (the images and text that make up the site), which are hosted on a PC, called a server. Consequently, if we want a specific site to be visible to a specific domain, we have to write in the DNS of the domain the address of the host server.

Therefore, it is important to always remember that in case of transferring a site from one server to another, there may be the following inefficiencies, which are unavoidable and related to technical issues of the system, not dependent on the web agencies:

  • Approximately 1gg blackout of all corporate e-mail boxes, with risk of losing some of the messages that were delivered to those boxes during this time.
  • Need to reconfigure all mail clients (Outlook, Mail, etc.) and all smartphones on which the mails were being read (especially in the case of POP3 and not IMAP mails).

Spada Media Group, as a web agency, is able to offer all these services for the creation and development of websites in a complete and precise manner, while also giving its clients a personalized consulting service to solve any problems that arose during or after the eventual process of transferring the site from one server to another.

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