Spada Media Group and the new campaign for the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce

On the occasion of the relaunch of the RiEmergo Legality Desks, Unioncamere Lombardy has launched an important communication project with Spada Media Group with the aim of relaunching the cycle of training webinars aimed at entrepreneurs and VAT holders in the region to prevent over-indebtedness crisis and the of usury risk.

The RiEmergo Legality Desks of the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce.

Promoted by Unioncamere Lombardia back in 2014, the network of the RiEmergo Legality Desks of the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce. was established for the purpose of setting up listening points for information, guidance and possible accompaniment to the denunciation of enterprises that are victims of the phenomena of usury, extortion and racketeering thanks to the Protocol of collaboration with theLibera Association, Names and Numbers Against the Mafias. Entrepreneurs can thus find professional and confidential accompaniment in reporting the crime and practical help in applying to national and regional anti-usury funds.

The Desks are now a fundamental point of reference, information and awareness for those who need support, guidance or accompaniment on these dramatic realities that also involve the Lombardy territory and risk overwhelming an increasing number of activities in different sectors.

Spada Media Group’s campaign

Spada Media Group followed the 360-degree communication campaign, managing both the digital part – through the creation of landing pages, social campaigns on LinkedIn and sending appropriate DEM – both the offline one, thanks to the flyer creation and brochures, to promote webinars organized by the association to the public.

The next event, entitled “Payment instruments: which is the most convenient?” will be held Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 10:30 a.m., with the aim of clarifying some aspects regarding the EBA Directives and the effects they have in bank-firm relations regarding the definition of default. For full details and to register, click here.

Another focal point of the campaign was the production of a dedicated video spot, in which the project, ongoing activities and more generally all the business support initiatives promoted by Unioncamere lombardia are illustrated.

Unioncamere Lombardia, theRegional Union of Lombardy Chambers of Commerce, is a regional association structure that brings together and represents all 9 Chambers of Commerce in the region by promoting common projects and enhancing the autonomy of individual chambers, working for the benefit of more than 900 thousand businesses in different sectors.

More information about the association can be found at www.unioncamerelombardia,it and

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