Spada Media Group and the TV campaign for Pavone Srl.

Pavone Srl, founded in the mid-1950s from a small artisan workshop of traditional Bolognese gastronomic products, now an important company in Emilia, makes its television debut with a campaign designed and planned by Spada Media Group.

Heart of the marketing campaign was TV communication: the TV spot aired in prime time on TV8 during the MasterChef Italia semifinal (starting Nov. 28) and replayed during the final held last Dec. 5. Also aired, then, on other major industry TV channels such as Food Network, Real Time and Alma TV.

The Spot

The 30-second spot focuses on the company’s key values: quality, tradition and connection to the land, values that have characterized Pavone for its 70-plus years of history.

In addition, the campaign is also supported by various digital marketing activities: in particular, online planning includes the following Google ADS (Search and Display) and social adv campaigns on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The history of Pavone SRL

The history of Pavone Srl began from a small artisanal workshop for the preparation of products from the gastronomic tradition of Bologna (and beyond): small, large and mini cream puffs, ├ęclairs and crostini for zuppa imperiale, a typical Bolognese specialty. From yesterday’s small workshop to today’s more than 4,000-square-meter factory dedicated to industrial production, Pavone Ltd. has always stood out for its use of quality raw materials to stay true to the authentic taste of tradition. The company today specializes in the production of choux pastry puffs–made for every need for use in various diameters and with different doughs–and broth delicacies such as imperial soup.

Pavone is synonymous with “guarantee” and “reliability”: in fact, there are so many companies that have decided to try their delicacies and have been delighted. A satisfaction even more accentuated by the private label service that allows customers to sign the packaging with their own brand. A mix of ingredients that today enables the company to boast a history rich in achievements and characterized by products of the highest quality.

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