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The introduction of the 110% Superbonus has greatly incentivized people to invest in construction or renovation work aimed at improving or upgrading their homes. Nevertheless, there are still many difficulties in obtaining the same, starting with the amount of documentation to be handed in and the slow pace of bureaucracy. Error is always around the corner, and it is difficult to pay attention to every single detail and risk being excluded from the bonus due to minor bureaucratic quibbles.

What is

For this reason, the following was born ! The intent of the group is to support in the best possible way and at every stage of the process all those who want to energy upgrade their real estate unit, whether it is in a detached house or an apartment within an apartment building. A network of experts (architects, companies, lenders and insurance companies) helps clients achieve full awareness in the use of incentives under the 110% Superbonus.

Moved in particular by the challenge of energy sustainability, has taken to heart the goal that Europe has set for itself in recent years: to achieve “zero emissions” by 2050. To achieve it, however, the process of energy efficiency in our homes becomes essential.

From checking the feasibility of interventions to ascertaining eligibility for the bonus, from the transfer of credit to the actual implementation of the work: is there to accompany customers step by step through the thicket of access to incentives.

How operates.

A partner of Spada Media Group, first collects customer requests, providing quick and professional responses. Once an initial report has been delivered that ascertains the macro-feasibility of the interventions, it turns to its network of architects, who are available to conduct an inspection and access the records to return a more precise analysis of the situation. In this way, the client will be sure that he or she has all the papers in order to proceed benefiting from the bonus. The same will then be able to continue to turn to for the implementation of the interventions, the procedure of credit assignment and insurance practices: in fact, the company facilitates contact with companies and agencies that can help in every aspect of the redevelopment process.


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