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SEO consulting prices: how much does a job well done cost


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of optimization activities performed on a website aimed at achieving good organic/natural ranking on major search engines in order to achieve greater visibility and increased volume of organic web traffic.

In general, good SEO consulting involves. targeted interventions In 3 main areas: On-site SEO (technical actions on the back-end and activities on site content); Off-site SEO (external link creations to one’s own site, with link building and digital PR activities); Blog (writing articles in SEO key, to be published on the site).

Starting and implementing an SEO project involves skills, precision and a large workforce in order to achieve the desired results. Consequently, the prices of an SEO consultancy cannot be fixed, but vary (though not too much) depending on the project from a few hundred to a few thousand euros.

SEO consulting: optimization and positioning

In general, a good SEO strategy consists of 2 phases:

  • SEO optimization: deals with improving a site from the point of view of performance, structure, etc. It must necessarily be done early on, because without a well-optimized site, one cannot hope to see it among Google search results,
  • SEO positioning: it is very complex so many factors. In general, it can be improved by: publishing content-articles with images-that is SEO-friendly and brings real added value to the user; link building strategy that increases the authoritativeness of the site by publishing articles on authoritative and mainly related portals. This is usually the most expensive activity in SEO, partly because it must be ongoing. In fact, in order to achieve good results it is necessary to implement them for at least 4-6 months.

SEO optimization service includes, among others: SEO audit, code optimization, site structure optimization, on-site optimization, permalink optimization, speed improvement, image optimization, UX improvement, links optimization, keyword analysis, backlinks analysis, competitor analysis, Google My Business optimization, etc.

SEO positioning, on the other hand, requires creating link building strategy, writing articles for publication, choosing authoritative sites to publish on, contacting site webmasters, and publishing the articles with links to the site.

SEO consulting prices: copywriting and link building

One of the main challenges concerns SEO copywriting, which islastesura of texts with an SEO perspective, optimized for search engines, but able to meet the needs of users.

In fact, for an article to be truly successful on the Web, it must pique the reader’s interest. The focus, then, is on finding the right balance between content that can persuade users and content that winks at search engines.

SEO copywriting is an indispensable practice to improve the ranking on your website, because the best content must be fresh, interesting, persuasive and optimized . Consequently, it is highly recommended to open a blog section on your site, where you encourage the publication of SEO Oriented content.

Another key strategy, on the other hand, that involves building a link building , a process by which a website acquires hyperlinks (links) from other sites.

This helps a lot with SEO optimization, as search engines use links basically for two reasons:

  • Discovering new web pages
  • Determining the organic ranking of websites in search results

In fact, search engine spiders constantly crawl web pages, whose content they may also add to their indexes, and decide whether a page is of sufficient quality to rank well in relation to the keywords on it. Several factors concur in making this decision, including the number and quality of external links pointing to a given resource.

Each incoming link can be regarded as a kind of vote of confidence from one page to another: however, in order to improve one’s search engine rankings, it is crucial to Insert external links only if they meet certain requirements set by search engines, or else our page or website will be penalized.

What does an SEO consultant do?

In general, a good SEO consultant, within a few months, deals with:

  • Improve the ranking of your site on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.);
  • Increase traffic to the website;
  • Increase site conversions (filling out contact forms, sign-ups, shares, calls, requesting quotes, etc.);
  • Ranking high on the first page of search results (SERP) to be found more quickly by the user.

Why choose a qualified agency as an SEO consultant

The process of optimizing business website pages is very complex and articulated: consequently, it is essential to rely on a competent and professional SEO agency that can guarantee concrete results through an effective and transparent work plan.

In general, very cheap SEO can lead to savings and good results in the short run, but then, in the long run, it can cause several damages that are difficult to repair. Investing well in SEO very often involves a substantial financial outlay at an early stage, which, however, can be easily recouped in the long run, thanks to the results obtained from the excellent work.

Spada Media Group can put at your disposal highly qualified teams of technical SEO experts who can support the client all round in order to improve the ranking of their website.

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