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Best sites for creating a website: discover the Top 5


Are you planning to create your company’s website? If so, before you rely on real professionals in the field, you should know that there are several content management systems(CMS), which can help you in creating your business website. In this article, we will show you the best sites to create a website, to help you in your choice.

What is a CMS?

Before we begin, however, it is best to clarify the concept of CMS software. A CMS(Content Management System) is a tool that helps us manage the content of our website in a systematic way and according to our preferences.

However, before choosing the most suitable CMS for our needs we need to evaluate several aspects such as: client’s goals, graphical appearance, development at the code level, content creation, possibility of implementing advertisements, proper documentation and support, SEO optimization and, in case of inexperienced users, ease of use.

Best sites for creating a website: WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform globally and allows you to create flexible and highly customizable websites.

Started as a blogging platform, WordPress has rapidly evolved and now occupies about 15 percent of the global market share. This CMS is used realization of very complex and dynamic corporate websites, demonstrating great versatility and ease of use.

WordPress is open source, so the basic system and updates are free, and the platform is constantly being improved by users from all over the world.

Among its main advantages are its ease of use and the fact that it provides the user with so many customizable plug-ins. In addition, it is SEO-friendly, particularly on Google.

In terms of responsiveness, WordPress an excellent platform, capable of optimizing its templates from both desktop PCs and tablets or smartphones. Also, through a specific extension called WooCommerce, it can produce an e-commerce site.

Best sites for creating a website: Prestashop

PrestaShop is a very effective solution dedicated to those who want to open an online store. This CMS stands out for being open source and allows you to easily create an e-commerce.

Born in France in 2007, it caters specifically to small and medium-sized enterprises and now has a large community of developers committed to improving the software on a daily basis.

PrestaShop is very easy to use for users creating e-commerce sites and has a high loading speed. Being highly customizable, it has unique characteristics, easily distinguishing itself from competitors. It also provides easy management of product shipments and is SEO-friendly.

Best sites for creating a website: Drupal

Drupal is one of the best open source CMS platforms, perfect for those who have no experience with the world of programming.

Already with the basic package, you can enjoy a ready-to-use website with the ability to create articles and static pages, contact forms, SEO positioning and site mapping.

Featuring a modular structure, it provides access to several specific modules and free themes, which can be supplemented by adding paid plugins.

In terms of security, it is probably the best CMS out there, but because it is not yet widespread, it does not enjoy very good support.

Best sites for creating a website: Shopify

Shopify is a platform designed specifically for e-commerce site development. It is an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily create and manage your own online shop, which, among other things, can be enhanced with numerous customization options.

Shopify is a so-called SaaS (Software as Service) software: the online store is kept operational and updated 24/7 in exchange for payment of a monthly fee or, alternatively, a fee on orders placed online.

Simple and intuitive, Shopify represents a very powerful tool for developing websites effectively, ensuring a great user experience. In addition, integration with specific applications provided by third parties is possible.

Best sites to create a website: Magento

Magento is a CMS created in 2007 that is constantly being updated and improved in order to ensure the best possible user experience.

Since it is an open source CMS, it can be supplemented with specific functions–even third-party functions–thus adapting to every need. It also allows a large number of products and transactions to be handled without the risk of incurring malfunctions.

Magento is also SEO-friendly and allows for search engine optimized websites to contribute significantly to the success of any type of site, including e-commerce.

It goes without saying, that this CMS is also optimized for responsive from any device.

Magento offers many e-commerce-specific features, including the ability to create multilingual shops and support multiple warehouses and currencies.

Why rely on a qualified agency to create your website?

A qualified agency, such as Spada Media Group, can create customized websites, adapt portal features to your needs and, if required, provide integrations with major external software and management systems.

In addition, upon request it can enable tracking tag management and analysis of traffic and ranking statistics to constantly measure site performance and conversions.

Thanks to our long experience and specialization in professional and corporate website creation, we are able to offer the highest quality service: from graphic design to content creation, website development to client training and all-around support.

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