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What is Google Ads and how does it work?


What is Google Ads? Google Ad s(AdWords) is Google’s advertising system designed to create and manage advertisements among the search engine’s paid results or on dedicated ad spaces on other websites. Campaigns consist of having an ad with a link to your site appear in the top positions of the Google results page when specifickeywords (keywords) are searched by the user. Now, let’s find out in detail how it works.

What is Google Ads: how it works

Advertising on Google through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques will allow you to be visible within hours in sponsored ads on the top positions in the search engine results.

This makes it possible to direct strongly targeted visitors to one’s website, as they are interested in topics related to one’s products and services, consequently promoting low-cost generation of contacts and leads. In fact, Google Ads offers the possibility to advertise one’s products and services at predetermined keywords that we can set in advance.

The types of settings that can be preset are Pay-Per-Click and targeted advertising.

Through Pay-Per-Click (cost-per-click), once the daily budget is defined and loaded, Google charges the advertiser only for the actual clicks users make on sponsored ads. In general, advertisers bid for certainkeywords (keywords) in order to make their ads visible in Google’s paid search results when those certain search keys are searched. The ad, in these cases, appears in the “Sponsored Links” “Ad” category.

The position of the ad placed on the search results page is determined by a weighted auction between:

  • the economic offer set for publication at a given keyword and that of other advertisers;
  • Quality Score: a set of factors that Google takes into consideration, to determine the relevance of the ad campaign to user search.

With targeted advertising, on the other hand, advertisers can predetermine various factors, including: topics, age, competitor sites, etc.

In this case, the budget paid to advertisers is determined by Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Impression (i.e., the advertiser pays for ad views).

What is Google Ads: the benefits

Running advertising campaigns through Google Ads has significant advantages:

  • Enhance profiled traffic on your site to increase your chances of receiving leads by better profiling your target audience through keywords, demographics, interests, etc;
  • It offers the opportunity to make your brand and your products and/or services known to all those who are looking for them;
  • Pay-Per-Click enables personalized and targeted marketing with flexible budgets always in line with your needs;
  • It allows you to design remarketing campaigns that can reach all users who have shown interest in your products so as to stimulate interest at a later date;
  • It is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to decide precisely how much to invest, when to advertise and who to show your ad to;
  • It allows you to get site traffic quickly.

Types of ads

Google Ads allows you to create ad campaigns with different types of ads, depending on your goals:

  • Search Network (Search): show ads among Google’s paid search results for certain keywords in the ad groups. Each ad consists of the URL, a title of 90 and a description of up to 180 characters (snippet);
  • Display Network: show ads on other websites, which you can set by target interests, keywords, topics covered. These campaigns are suitable for reaching potential customers who are not familiar with products and increasing Brand Awareness;
  • Shopping ads: dedicated to e-commerce sites. In them you can include an image, a title, a price and the name of the business and also show them in search results, complete with an image and brief description;
  • Remarketing: banners that are displayed only by users who have already visited your site. They appear while browsing the web and other sites;
  • Gmail Ads (GSP): displayed in the Promotions and Social tabs of the Gmail Inbox.

Why rely on a qualified agency

Planning and following a Google Ads campaign is not easy, as you have to keep in mind several ever-changing factors that only a team of experts can analyze and optimize in the long run.

Spada Media Group is a certified Google Partner Premier agency that can offer its clients a dedicated Google Ads project specialist team that can also integrate campaigns into a broader, cross-media strategy.

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