Sponsoring on Amazon: how to do it and what benefits it brings


Amazon represents the world’s leading e-commerce platform today, and within it, thousands of brands are present to sell their products to users. As a result, for a company that wants to carve out its own space on the Jeff Bezos-founded behemoth, it is crucial to sponsor its own products on Amazon to set them apart from those of its competitors. But how does this type of sponsorship work? What benefits does it bring to a company that sells its products through the platform?

How to sponsor on Amazon

Amazon sponsorship campaigns are the most effective promotional tool within the platform. These types of advertisements are managed mainly through the tool Amazon Ads : just as on Google, the campaigns allow users potentially interested in your products and/or services to see an ad with links to certain product sheets or catalogs.

This tool performs very well and is an important resource for anyone wishing to reach large audiences, increasing both sales and their brand awareness on the platform.

As is already the case with Google Ads, the cost of the campaign here is also in pay-per-click mode: this means that once the daily spending budget is defined and loaded, Amazon charges the advertiser only for the actual clicks made by users on the sponsored ads.

How Amazon Ads works

Being visible and well positioned on Amazon turns out to be fundamental and necessary in the digital age and entails concrete possibilities of improving one’s online sales: in fact, if one’s products appear before others in the search results, one will gain a huge advantage over all competitors, as well as considerably improve one’s brand awareness, reaching users perhaps hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from one’s physical stores.

In order to start creating ads on Amazon you must, first of all, activate a Seller account. Once you have set up your profile, then, you can start implementing advertising campaigns by taking advantage of the wide selection of ads offered by the platform and choosing the one that best suits your business needs and business goals.

In fact, there are different types of Amazon Ads campaigns that you can activate:

  • Sponsored Products: through this type of ads, you can select keywords of reference for the product you want to promote, set the desired spending budget, and activate the campaign.
  • Sponsored Brands: these are ads that contain the company logo, a headline and up to three products that you want to highlight. They are very useful for increasing brand awareness.
  • Amazon Stores: Amazon allows its sellers to create customized stores where they can display their brand and the products in their catalog in a customized and carefully planned manner using images, text and videos.
  • Sponsored Display: these ads appear to users who have already viewed a particular product on Amazon pages. In fact, these users will later be intercepted by display ads related to the same product while browsing Google or scrolling through the Facebook feed.
  • Video ads: these ads have almost the same characteristics as Sponsored Displays, but place their focus on video content.

What benefits for those who sponsor on Amazon?

Among the main reasons why it makes sense to choose to sponsor your products on Amazon is to keep in mind that the e-commerce site represents the world’s leading industry platform and counts more than 300 million users and is a 24/7 showcase open every day of the year. As a result, you can potentially try to easily reach a wide range of audiences, taking your products beyond boundaries never imagined before. All this can happen by also studying statistical data regarding online purchases, preferences, reviews, and behaviors, which allow for better planning and calibration of subsequent marketing strategies.

In addition, sponsorship allows one’s products to be shown in the top positions of the search results page, leading to a consequent increase in the number of sales and good reviews. Amazon Ads sponsorships, therefore, also help to improve one’s organic positioning within the platform’s search results, just as it does within Google’s SERP. The main difference, however, is that Amazon Ads sponsorships can give a significant boost to your brand on the platform, rather quickly: in fact, even if you do not have an SEO-optimized website, you can also stay among the top results thanks to other factors, such as the number of sales or positive reviews.

And this is where Amazon Ads comes in: one’s products and brand could climb the rankings considerably during the course of a campaign, ranking among the top results. Once finished, thanks to the boost received, they could benefit from the results achieved and still be among the top products on the organic search page.

Trust the professionals to sponsor you on Amazon

As we have said, Amazon is a platform where millions of purchases are made every day. As a result, standing out among all the various brands is not easy; therefore, it is recommended to rely on marketing experts capable of planning and adopting the strategy best suited to the seller’s needs.

It becomes necessary, therefore, to have a good knowledge of SEO for the production of text content, to use photo and/or video content suitable for the type of ad chosen, to have an in-depth knowledge of the tools made available by Amazon, and to also know how to handle reviews and feedback in order to improve ranking.

Spada Media Group offers its clients interested in Amazon sponsorship a highly trained team of specialists, capable of planning targeted strategies, optimizing content for SEO and periodically analyzing campaign data to make the necessary changes to the to achieve the best possible results.

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