How to create LinkedIn page for company: why it is critical to know this


LinkedIn is the world’s best-known professional social network and is a very important tool for companies and professionals who want to highlight themselves, compare notes and increase their skills. As of today, therefore, it is essential for a business that wants to establish its digital presence to find out how to create a LinkedIn page for a company and make the most of it. In this article, we will understand why this is critical for any company that wants to stay current.

What is a LinkedIn page for company?

Company LinkedIn pages are an important calling card for one’s company. They are a space where you can tell your story, position yourself on the platform and improve your employer branding in the eyes of users.

Creating a business page you can begin to build your company brand on the platform by engaging quality potential candidates. Today, an employer’s online reputation matters just as much as the work it offers-positioning yourself on LinkedIn could be a big extra weapon when looking for good new employees or contractors.

A business page, then allows your company to:

  • communicate;
  • Present services/products;
  • Recruiting people through job offers;
  • gathering followers;
  • Doing lead generation through LinkedIn Ads sponsorships.

How do you create a LinkedIn page for company?

Opening a business page on Linkedin is very simple: you must necessarily already have a personal profile and at least one link to activate it. To do this you need to click the “Work” item found next to the “You” with your profile picture and select “Create a business page.”

At this point, LinkedIn asks for the type of company page you want to create:

  • Page for company with less than 200 employees: the classic company page offering standard but still effective functionality;
  • Page for company with more than 200 employees: this type of page has additional items such as some additional items like “My Company” and “Life Page” to encourage networking and employee engagement.
  • Showcase page: allows you to create subpages for product or service lines and divide branches from the parent company. This type of page, however, cannot be created unless you have first created a main business page.
  • Page for an educational institution: dedicated option for colleges and universities that allows you to get in touch with students and faculty.

What benefits can you get with a LinkedIn profile for your company?

We have seen what it is and how to open a company LinkedIn profile, however, why should you do it for your company? Here are some good reasons.

1. Increase the visibility of the enterprise online

Creating a company profile on LinkedIn allows you to make your business known to more people, improve reputation and credibility. To do this, it is also necessary to complement the publication of posts on social with a series of strategies, such as boosting SEO, choosing the right keywords for your business, publishing quality content, and optimizing your company website.

2. Create a network of professional contacts

An effective and appealing description of your business, combined with sharing quality content, allows you to attract the attention of relevant industry professionals and other companies to enter into partnerships and/or sell your products/services.

3. Promote targeted sponsored posts

With LinkedIn Ads, you can create better-performing sponsored posts aimed at a more specific target audience. This results in a greater likelihood of finding users who are genuinely interested in your company . In addition, by sharing useful and engaging content on LinkedIn, you can drive more traffic to your site and turn leads into new customers.

4. Posting job vacancies

One of the main functions of the company’s LinkedIn page is to Enable the posting of job advertisements for open positions in the company and the submission of applications by workers. Also from the company profile, you can also monitor and manage applications received. In addition, potential candidates can learn more about your business and what it is like to work for your company by studying and analyzing your company page.

Why rely on professionals to manage your LinkedIn page?

For a brand or company to have curated and up-to-date social profiles is critical. Social media marketing offers many business opportunities that must be supported by a communication strategy tailored to the industry in which you operate . Added to this is the need to devise, plan and publish content, as well as structure a targeted paid advertising strategy. Consequently, for the management of the company LinkedIn page, all these actions should be reasoned and thought through in detail. For this reason, it would be good to rely on specialized professionals capable of managing your LinkedIn page in the best possible way, helping you to achieve your goals.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is a social network that presents many opportunities for companies. However, as with any corporate social account, it is not easy to manage the page in the best possible way without proper preparation behind it and the support of professionals. For this reason, a certified LinkedIn Marketing Partner agency such as Spada Media Group may be the ideal choice if you want to take advantage of LinkedIn’s full potential.

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