Radio Listening Data 2022: which broadcasters to choose for your campaign


In recent weeks, Radio TER(Radio Publishers‘ Table) released the Radio Listening Data 2022 tables covering the 1st half of the year (January 25-June 2022). Data that, from a marketing perspective, can be very interesting for figuring out which stations to target for radio campaigns in the coming months. In this article, therefore, we are going to analyze such data.

Radio listening data 2022: what emerges

Comparing the data with the same period in 2021, we immediately see a substantial growth in radio listening on the average day-a figure that is in sharp contrast to the decline that had been experienced over the past 2 years.

Overall, the data confirm radio’s strength in penetration of the Italian population with results up from last year: 33,646,000 average daily listeners (+1.3%) and 6,230,000 in the average quarter-hour (+4.6%).

Radio Listening Data 2022: Radio Mediaset confirms itself as the top group

Among the radio groups, RadioMediaset(Radio 105, Virgin Radio, R101, Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Subasio) is once again confirmed as the top national radio group with 18.4 percent listeners in the Average Quarter Hour in the 06-24 range, and 35.5 percent listeners in the Average Day Yesterday.

Radio 105 establishes itself as the first broadcaster by ratings in the average quarter-hour (AQH), which is the metric that attests to listening fidelity and rewards quality content.

“The most important thing is to see that the radio medium has recovered immediately from the point of view of ratings in the average day and especially in the AQH, which is close to +5 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. – Paolo Salvaderi, CEO of RadioMediaset, commented. This figure is indicative of the excellent health of the medium, which is nevertheless emerging from a first quarter still marred by masks and the long tail of the restrictive covid protocol on events and concerts. So I also want to be optimistic for the coming quarters, which historically have always been very positive for the radio medium.”

The results of the Gedi Group broadcasters (Radio Deejay, Radio Capital, m2o) were also very positive: in particular, Radio Deejay, which has 4,790,000 listeners in Average Day (+3.7%, a trend better than the industry average) and 474,000 in AQH (+5.8%, one of its highest figures since RadioTER’s inception). An excellent performance with ample prospects for the future considering the many events that Radio Deejay is planning for the second part of 2022, which are increasingly followed by the public. A success also certified by digital streams with more than 17 million users reached and more than 18 million views on social media.

Also showing great growth was m2o, with 1,616,000 listeners in Average Day (+8.7 percent) and 138,000 in AQH (+26.6 percent).

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