Radio Lombardy 2022 ratings: Radio Sportiva surpasses DiscoRadio


In recent weeks, Radio TER(Radio Publishers‘ Table) released the Radio Listenership 2022 tables covering the 1st half of the year (January 25-June 2022). Data that, from a marketing perspective, can be very interesting for figuring out which local stations to target for radio campaigns in the coming months. In particular, the ability to break down data region by region allows us to design well-reasoned campaigns determined to hit a specific target audience. In this article, we will analyze radio listening data concerning Lombardy.

Radio Lombardy listenership 2022: what emerges

Comparing the data with the same period in 2021, the change at the top immediately jumps out: in fact, for the first time in several years, Discoradio is no longer the undisputed queen of radio stations in Lombardy. In fact, with a decline from 325,000 to 270,000 listeners on the average day, the station was overtaken by Radio Sportiva, which grew 29 percent from 206,000 to 290,000 ori on the average day.

Radio Lombardy 2022 listening: the boom of Radio Sportiva

Historic result, the best ever, for Radio Sportiva, a radio station founded just over a decade ago in Ponsacco. In fact, the latest data from the Radio Editors’ Table, referring to the first half of 2022, sees Radio Sportiva reaching 1,134,000 daily listeners in Italy and 290,000 in Lombardy, making it the leading broadcaster in the region.

A well-deserved achievement by the broadcaster, which, under the leadership of director Michele Plastino and the coordination of Andrea Capretti, brings many young journalists to report live every day on all-around sports. “An achievement that fills us with pride and excitement,” comments director Marzia Boddi. We will continue to follow the path laid out by my husband Loriano Bessi.”

Rely on professionals for your radio campaign

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