Website SEO analysis: what is SEO Audit and why it should be done


Nowadays, SEO is a fundamental and crucial element in the visibility of a website. In fact, being well positioned on a search engine for certain keywords can make the difference between being found or not by a user looking for products such as those our company can sell. In this sense, it is essential to frequently conduct an SEO analysis of the website, the so-called SEO Audit.

But specifically, what is it and why is it so important to do it periodically? Let’s find out together in this article.

Website SEO analysis: what is SEO Audit

The SEO Auditis a comprehensive, technical and diagnostic SEO analysis of a website that aims to generate as definite and complete a picture of the project as possible. In short, it is a true independent assessment that serves to objectively analyze a given object and determine whether the previously set criteria and objectives have been met.

This analysis is usually carried out by experts in the field who, through a set of intermediate steps, delve into the technical, structural, content and competitive aspects, both internal and external, of a website and their possible influence in terms of search engine ranking. This allows for the discovery of issues at the SEO level that hinder performance, such as structural deficiencies and errors that do not allow for excellent search engine rankings at present.

Why do the SEO Audit

Do a good SEO analysis of one’s website is very important because it allows Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the site and understand how to take action to make corrections and develop an effective SEO strategy to maximize the result of one’s work and increase organic traffic coming from search engines. In short, SEO Audit is about ensuring that our website can be seen, scanned and ranked by search engines.

This operation offers us An accurate and detailed mirror of our website, of whatever nature it is (blog, e-commerce, etc.) so that we can verify that all aspects of the project are set up correctly: content, on-page and off-page SEO, internal and external link building, search engine reading of the sitemap, user experience analysis, etc.

How often should you perform SEO analysis of your website

Without a shadow of a doubt, the ideal situation to carry out an SEO analysis of a website is definitely in view of building a new site from scratch . In fact, it is totally useless to develop a site without being clear about how its structure will look from an SEO perspective. In fact, treeing is not only necessary in terms of user experience, but also facilitates indexing and page ranking within search results.

However, over the years, it may also happen that companies sell new products and want to communicate information differently. In this case, it would be useful to conduct an SEO Audit to understand how to intervene to make adjustments and suggest keywords to be used to optimize page texts.

Ideally, however, performing constant monitoring of one’s site would be the best thing to do. As such, it is recommended to conduct an SEO Audit at least once a year.

Rely on the professionals for SEO analysis of your website

As we said, getting good search engine rankings, and thus doing a great job from an SEO perspective, is a very delicate task. In fact, a simple “mistake,” in the long run, can cause several losses.

As a result, it becomes necessary to have a good understanding of SEO for researching and defining the most suitable keywords for one’s business, for producing SEO-oriented text content, for understanding the data that emerges from the SEO Audit, and for conducting ongoing monitoring and optimizations over time.

Spada Media Group offers its clients interested in initiating SEO projects a highly trained team of specialists, capable of planning targeted strategies, optimizing content for SEO and periodically analyzing data to make the necessary changes to the to achieve the best possible results.

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