Influencer Marketing Strategy: discover the best fit for your business


Influencer Marketing activities are communication strategies that involve the involvement of web celebrities and content creators to promote a brand and/or product. This is also possible thanks to web reputation monitoring tools and blogger recruitment that allow you to reach, with reduced budgets, your target audience and have maximum results in brand visibility. However, depending on the goal you want to achieve, it is recommended to follow the influencer marketing strategy best suited to it. In this article, we are going to analyze together the most popular ones.

Influencer Marketing Strategy: Brand Awareness

In case the goal of one’s influencer marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness, there are two main strategies to follow: product placement and celebrity endorsement.

Product placement is one of the most popular strategies and is often associated with the world of film and television. It consists of a nontraditional advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products, usually through appearances in various media. This will create a correlation in the consumer’s mind between the brand and the situation and/or character, also greatly increasing brand recognition. In the social world, this translates into introducing one’s brand and/or products within one or more posts by a well-known influencer, so that they are visible to the relevant community.

Celebrity endorsement, on the other hand, consists of a public statement via social posts by a celebrity promoting a product and recommending it to users. The use of celebrities to promote products has always been a key element in advertising campaigns, and today, collaborating with so-called medium influ encers and micro influencers is an effective and cost-effective alternative in this regard.

Influencer Marketing Strategy: Brand Preference

Another popular strategy is one that aims to grow the brand preference of a brand or product; the”influencer who is chosen is tasked with enhancing and highlighting the qualities of a product or service, in order to generate user interest.

The most popular strategy is the product review, which is usually done through videos posted on social or YouTube. In these cases, the contact between the influencer and the consumer is much more direct, since the video format is to date the one that most engages users, who read these reviews as if they were the advice of a friend and/or an expert.

Another widely used technique is the tutorial technique: popular especially in the beauty industry, it relies on videos in which influencers show and explain step by step how to best use the product in question.

Influencer marketing strategy: increase traffic to the site

Nowadays, social media allow us to obtain and analyze a large amount of data from the influencer marketing campaigns. One of these is the tracking of links that are placed within content: it allows brands to understand how many users land on their site or e-commerce from the social content.

In order to promote sales and drive many users to one’s ecommerce business, creating content such as those mentioned above often goes hand in hand with custom promotional codes, which allow one to directly track the purchases of a given influencer’s followers. This strategy is one of the most widely used and brings so many benefits to the brand, from increased brand awareness to a possible increase in sales.

Trust the professionals to create your strategy

As we have seen, the influencer marketing strategies that can be applied on social media are many and can lead to different results.

For this reason, it is recommended to rely on a qualified and specialized agency, such as Spada Media Group, to design an influencer marketing campaign. In fact, doing influencer marketing does not simply mean selecting an influencer with a lot of followers and involving him or her in your project, but it also implies the fact of devising a promotional strategy focused on valuable content that can really increase sales.

Spada Media Group can support you in launching your influencer marketing initiatives by putting at the service of your brand a team of trained and qualified professionals whose training is constantly being updated.

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