CO2 Neutral websites: continuing our commitment with Tree-Nation to reforestation

Spada Media Group has joined Tree-Nation, a social network established in 2006 with the goal of “combating climate change, desertification and poverty by promoting and supporting reforestation projects in different parts of the world.”

Today, our Moringa oleifera forest in Kenya turns 3 years old, and we renew our commitment to the platform in order to raise awareness of environmental issues in the community.

The forest of Spada Media Group today

Since 2019, we have installed the Tree-Nation smart CO2 Neutral Website label within our site, which tracks CO2 emissions produced and converts them, counting new trees for planting. All the data that is collected by the label is visible in one’s personal dashboard on the platform, which allows one to see how much CO2 the planted trees are offsetting and to constantly measure their positive impact on the environment.

Last year about 100 trees had been planted, contributing to the reforestation of 0.13 hectares of land and saving 7 tons of CO2.

To date, Spada Media Group has already planted 150 trees in Bore, contributing to the reforestation of 0.20 hectares of land and saving 10.5 tons of CO2.

TreeNation 2023 - Spada Media Group

Symbol of our efforts, indeed, is the Moringa oleifera, often called “the miracle tree”: a fast-growing, drought-resistant plant native to the southern slopes of the Himalayas in northwestern India, it is also widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas. It can have multiple uses in everyday life: its leaves, roots and seeds can serve as food; the oil from its seeds is often used for cooking or making cosmetics; the bark is used in many kinds of medicines; the pods can purify dirty water; its roots stop soil erosion and survive extreme drought; and its seeds can even be refined to produce biofuel for cars!

In 2023, the company’s goal is to reach 200 planted trees. Therefore, in order to contribute to this important cause, we are ready to offer our clients the opportunity to create CO2 Neutral websites, with the appropriate certification. Learn more about how to go about creating your new CO2Neutral website!

How CO2 Neutral sites protect the environment

Thus, even websites can pollute: in fact, the Internet, with its servers, contributes to the production of CO2 consequently impacting the environment, causing electricity consumption equal to 2 percent of the planet’s air pollution. For this reason, in recent years, more and more businesses and companies have created a website to stay abreast of the times and new forms of marketing.

The platform allows companies and users who sign up for the program to build their own personal profiles to share photos, take part in discussions, sign and create petitions, and choose from among the approximately 50 species of plants in the catalog, to plant them in a given forest in the world every so many years. tons of CO2 consumed by their site.

Spada Media Group, in this regard, has decided to make its contribution by joining Tree-Nation and also offering its clients CO2 Neutral websites , in order to raise more and more realities’ awareness towards this fundamental issue for the well-being of our community.

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