Facebook Ads consulting: why to rely on professionals

Advertising on Facebook-and on social media in general-is one of the most effective and profitable forms of digital marketing. However, designing, launching and managing these campaigns is not as simple as it might seem, and it becomes necessary to undergo a Facebook Ads consultation with a team of experts.

For this reason, in recent years, many companies have decided to rely on agencies with real specialists who know the details of Facebook marketing and are able to make the various adv campaigns perform at their best.
In this article, we will look in detail at their role and why it is important to rely on qualified professionals for campaign management.

Facebook Ads Specialist: who he is and what he does

The Facebook Ads consultant, also known as Campaign Specialist, is the one who is responsible for creating and monitoring marketing campaigns on the Facebook Ads platform.

Its purpose is to ensure predetermined results by designing, optimizing and managing Facebook advertising campaigns.

Its main task is to best distribute and spend the budget that the account/page owner has entrusted it to purchase advertising space on the platform, to get clicks, traffic or leads from users.

Accordingly, based on the client’s requirements, he must determine the best objectives to pursue, both short-term and medium- and long-term, monitoring the campaigns throughout their duration and trying to optimize them in order to achieve the intended results.

His tasks, therefore, include different steps and skills of creating social media advertising campaigns:

  • Planning
  • Graphic and text creation
  • Performance analysis and optimizations
  • Installation of tracking pixels
  • Comparison with other team members to optimize any destination landing pages
  • Continuous update on news from the Meta world

What is it and how does Facebook Ads work

Facebook Ads is Meta’s platform for creating Facebook advertisements, that is, content that companies can promote by investing an advertising budget.

But how does Facebook Ads work? Companies with an active Facebook page can promote a specific piece of content to show it to more users. Creating a Facebook Ad – the cost of which varies based on different factors – allows the page to expand its audience to show the ad to more users than would see it organically.

Facebook Ads is a very practical tool that, with proper counseling, can help you design and manage campaigns considering different objectives such as:

  • Traffic generation through an active and engaged user base.
  • Selection of target customers based on demographics, interests and behaviors. In fact, you can select your target audience based on the page audience, thanks to a tracking code (Pixel) and more specific targeting.
  • Increased brand awareness.

Trust the professionals to manage your sponsorships

As we have seen, starting a Facebook advertising campaign is not such a simple process, and in order to avoid wasting your budget, it is recommended to rely on specialists in the field who are able to choose the most suitable strategy, testing different solutions, and able to then optimize the campaign even while it is running.

Moreover, relying on an agency has additional advantages: in fact, for individuals or companies that do not invest much budget in sponsorships, it is more complex to get quick assistance from Meta. Instead, agencies, which handle multiple clients and count, therefore, a fairly large monthly expense budget, enjoy a preferential channel.

For these reasons, for a Facebook Ads consultancy it is recommended to rely on an agency such as Spada Media Group, which has a team of social media managers and graphic designers specializing in content creation for social channels and their management. Among the first agencies to have felt the need for companies’ presence on Facebook, it has been active in the field of Facebook consulting for years, is Facebook Marketing Partner and can boast among its clients several national and international entities.

As a result, Spada Media Group can support you in launching your Facebook ad campaigns by putting at the service of your brand a team of trained and qualified professionals whose training is constantly being updated.

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