Public relations: what it is and what benefits it brings


The Web has led to the proliferation of so many news outlets and the emergence of thousands of news portals, which can allow companies and professionals multiple opportunities to showcase themselves in front of the general public and create targeted promotional messages. In this scenario, the classic advertorials we were used to in print media have also begun to find a place on the Web, confirming themselves as an important promotional tool. But what is an advertorial and why can it be beneficial to your business? Let’s find out together in this article.

What is an advertorial?

The term “advertorial” refers to an advertising article-also called an advertorial-that originally originated in print newspapers and soon spread online.

In practical terms, it is an actual press ad written with a journalistic slant that is edited to fit the layout of the newspaper or portal on which it is published so as to be as reliable as possible in the eyes of the reader.

The goal is to put the reader in front of not the usual advertisement, but an article rich in content and images, conveying a story and values.

This type of article is commissioned-therefore paid-for-and, in addition to advertising a brand/product, often provides the user with useful content.

Thus, it is an advertising space that the company purchases and exploits with content similar to a newspaper article.

By Law an advertorial must always contain a formula that confirms the promotional nature of its content such as, for example, “Advertising information” or “Paid advertisement.”

Difference between advertorial and editorial

People often confuse pubbliredactional article and editorial article: in fact, there is a subtle difference between the two terms.

The editorial article is free advertising: in this case the newspaper decides to provide free space to be filled by publishing an article. Typically, this happens because of a long-lasting and established relationship between the parties, whether of a commercial or human nature.

The advertorial, on the other hand, involves the payment of a predetermined sum: in style it closely resembles an article and has its own persuasive force, provided it is written by a professional. However, as we have already mentioned, it contains a note identifying it as “advertising information.”

What benefits does it bring?

The effectiveness of an advertorial article is that it is not immediately perceived by the reader as an advertisement, thus being less invasive and more impactful than more common advertisements.

Through it, companies have the opportunity to promote their products or services to a rather wide readership but still already targeted and circumscribed to those who read that particular newspaper and/or portal.

Typically, advertorials are produced for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in order to gain social acceptance and favor, or for the launch of a new product.

Another opportunity is to sponsor an event and follow it in its entirety in order to let the public know about receiving an award or recognition.

Finally, the use of links and citations within the article itself help the principal to grow their web channels, especially with a view to a communication strategy based on Digital PR.

Rely on the professionals

As mentioned earlier, advertorials should be very similar to real articles. So, first of all, they must be newsworthy, i.e., they must be newsworthy for both newspapers and readers.

The slant of the article should be informative, and the reader should be faced with content that is interesting and as transparent as possible. The text written in a simple, flowing form, divided into paragraphs and with subheadings that respect the storytelling and should also incorporate images, especially if they relate to logos or products.

Consequently, to avoid wasting one’s budget, it is recommended to rely on specialists in the field who are capable of drafting quality advertorials suited to the company’s objectives.

An agency such asSpada Media Group, in fact, has a team of skilled and professional copywriters who are able to use the best persuasive writing techniques to write an advertorial article suitable for your purposes.

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