Radio listening 2022: RTL is confirmed as the first national radio station


In a highly competitive radio market such as Italy’s, a station’s success depends on its ability to attract and retain a large audience of listeners. RTL 102.5 is confirmed as the first most listened to radio in Italy on the average day; in second place, however, RDS which – according to the latest data released by TER Radio – achieved outstanding results in the last half of 2022, standing as the Most listened to radio in the average quarter hour.

But the novelty with respect to the panorama of recent years concerns the third place, where there is a change of panorama: Radio Italia has in fact ‘bypassed’ Radio Deejay. An excellent result that confirms the station as an important player with respect to the national radio scene.

In this article, therefore, we will look in detail at the main data released by Radio TER for the second half of 2022.

Radio listening 2022: the success of RTL 102.5, RDS and Radio Italia

Data for the second half of 2022 testify to the good performance of the radio medium across all targets and broadcasters.

For years now, the podium of the ratings chart has been held by RTL 102.5, which has long confirmed its performance. The main takeaway from the 2022 data is the significant success of RDS and Radio Italia in terms of nationwide radio ratings.

In particular, RDS consolidated its position in second place by listeners on the average day (+12% vs. 2021) while Radio Italia increased its performance on the average day by as much as 3 percentage points compared to 2021.

Radio listening 2022: other broadcasters

Not only RDS and Radio Italia: the data released by Radio TER for 2022 also aroused interest and curiosity about other broadcasters.

The RTL 102.5 system – consisting of several stations including Radio Zeta and RadioFreccia – saw an increase in average day contacts (7.8 million) due to its presence on different platforms, such as radio websites, digital radio stations, and the on-demand portal RTL 102.5 Play.

The Mediaset Group, through RadioMediaset (Radio 105, Virgin Radio, R101, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Subasio), is confirmed as the leading national radio group, with a 19.2 percent market share of listeners in the average quarter-hour from 6:00 to 24:00 and 35.9% of listeners in the average day in 2022.

Meanwhile, also worth noting. Radio Kiss Kiss , which recorded the largest growth in average daily listening.

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