Subway billboards: why it is a good medium for adv


Subway billboards are a high-impact solution from an advertising perspective because of their visibility and ability to reach a large audience in a relatively short time. However, the use of this advertising format offers particularly attractive advantages for companies, as it allows them to reach a specific audience consisting mainly of commuters and students who use the subway as a means of transportation. Due to the increased exposure to the advertising message, billboard advertising campaigns on the subway can increase brand recall and generate a higher return on investment.

Why to use billboards in the subway

The varied benefits of using billboards in the subway as a promotional tool include:

  • High visibility: they are placed in strategic locations within subway stations or on the tracks, where they are easily seen by a large number of passersby. Many people pass through subway stations every day, which then become prime contact points for advertising campaigns.
  • Target audience: the subway is mainly frequented by people going to work or school, representing a specific target audience.
  • Long exposure: passengers spend several minutes inside the medium, which provides more exposure to the adv than other advertising media, such as TV commercials or Internet advertisements.
  • Repetition effect: the frequency of display of the adv on billboards in the subway can generate a repetition effect that increases the memorization of the advertising message and its effectiveness. Repeating an advertising message in an environment where people are in a waiting situation, such as in a subway station, can help fix the message in the audience’s mind.


Advertising in the subway is sold in circuits that differ in locations and formats and can have a duration of 7, 14 or 28 days.

Depending on the needs of the specific communication campaign, different types of ads can be planned, such as:

  • Digital LCDs
  • Maxi and Mini Posters (420×200 and 300×140 cm) and Mupi (120×180 cm)
  • Mixer and Mosaic Circuits (100×140 and 140×200 cm)
  • Carousels (inside train cars- 95×140 cm)
  • Door side posters (31×69 cm)
  • Pendolini (17×25 cm)

Then there are formats specifically suited for advertising campaigns with a strong emotional impact that involve the personalization of specific areas inside stations:

  • Station Domination: complete customization of a subway station, involving the use of different formats combined with each other
  • Doors Domination: ability to decorate glass barriers
  • Train Domination: full customization of the interior of a train

Station entrance planks: customizations of planks placed at the top of station entrance stairs, which allow a message to be circumscribed to a specific area.

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Subway billboards are one of the most effective means of advertising to reach a large audience in a relatively short time. Due to their high visibility and ability to reach specific audiences, they can increase brand visibility and generate a higher return on investment. To choose the right advertising format for your needs, it is important to contact a company that specializes in this such as Spada Media Group, which offers consulting and advertising planning services for billboard campaigns in major Italian cities. For more information, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

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