Advertising at the Airport: what benefits for companies


Airport advertising turns out to be a very effective channel in advertising because it allows you to reach a very large audience of potential customers in a very short time. In fact, every day, airports see tens of thousands of tourists and travelers and, therefore, potential buyers passing through them.

Let’s find out together in this article why to advertise in these places and what are the many benefits it can bring to businesses.

Advertising at the Airport: the benefits

With travel restrictions due to Covid over, the airport has once again become a central place for brand communication, and the coming years look even more promising for airport advertising, with more and more travelers passing through the terminals every day. Let’s find out, together, then, the main advantages of airport advertising.

Large and targeted audience

Airports are busy places, traversed every day by millions of people from all over the world. This implies that advertisements placed inside and outside of them can be seen repeatedly by a wide and varied potentially interested audience, increasing the likelihood of message and brand memorization.

Station entrance planks: customizations of planks placed at the top of station entrance stairs, which allow a message to be circumscribed to a specific area.

Visual impact

Airport advertisements have a significant visual impact on people due to their strategic location and size. In fact, because they are strategically placed, they fit naturally into their surroundings while capturing the attention of those present due to the generous size of the screens.

It is also possible to purchase technologically advanced facilities such as backlit installations or circuits of digital advertising screens: the latter, in particular, broadcast simultaneously over a number of areas located in different areas of the airport, and are shared with other brands on a rotating basis, capturing more of the public’s attention as they are on the move.


Setting up ad campaigns at the airport also provides long-term exposure value for businesses because, as mentioned above, people see the ads repeatedly while at the airport. In fact, because they are waiting for their flight, travelers may spend several hours at the airport and have time to notice the announcements along their route. This increases the likelihood that the message will be noticed and remembered, helping to create a positive and lasting brand image.

Why advertise at the Airport

As we have seen, airport advertising offers many advantages to companies that want to promote their products or services. Through advertising at airports, one can aim to achieve new market share and establish the corporate brand with prestige. In fact, the perception of airport passengers who are exposed to communication is that companies that invest in this media are important and recognized brands.

Relying on a company that specializes in campaign production and planning like Spada Media Group can be a winning choice for companies that want to make the most of the opportunities offered by airport advertising. For more information and to request a personalized consultation from our Media Center Specialists, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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