Responsible communication: Spada Media Group and De-LAB together to promote good communication and sustainability

In 2023, Spada Media Group entered into an important partnership with De-LAB, a company that provides companies with the best tools and expertise to effectively concretize and communicate their sustainability commitments. The goal is to even more effectively support our clients to effectively and credibly activate their commitment to sustainability through responsible and innovative communication that combines values, commitments and concrete actions for a sustainable and inclusive future.

De-LAB: how to do responsible communication

De-LAB is a Benefit Society and certified B-CORP™ – founded in 2014 as the Italian focal point of the BOP Inclusive Business Network. He is involved in design, research and training in the field of inclusive business, social innovation and responsible communication. Three areas that are increasingly central to companies and those doing communications with a keen eye on the values of sustainability (the real kind) and respect for rights and the environment.

De-LAB’s goals are frugal innovation, co-designing with vulnerable actors and generating ecosystems for sustainable development, in line with the values of Purpose Economy and International Cooperation. Since 2023, it has initiated a major social communication partnership with Spada Media Group by devising a new integrated service package available to all corporate entities wishing to approach the world of responsible communication.

Indeed, responsible communication is not just a matter of words, but involves concrete actions: companies must demonstrate through facts that sustainability actions are real and concrete. Only in this way do messages become credible and able to inspire change. De-LAB, therefore, guides and supports companies to translate commitments into actions and communicate them effectively.

Spada Media Group’s new path taken with De-LAB

The collaboration between the Sword Media Group and De-LAB is another step forward in promoting sustainability and responsible communication.

Social communication is an increasingly important area for companies that want to convey their values and best tell the story of their commitment to sustainability. Through this new joint project, our agency will become even stronger and more vertical by delving into new tools and greater skills to develop effective campaigns and thus inspire change.

Avoid falling, through inexperience or malice, into so-called social washing; it requires knowledge of the models behind the initiatives-something on which De-LAB boasts results of excellence-and clear and transparent communication-an element on which Spada Media Group has a tradition of success. Bringing these two worlds together is therefore a natural way to bring to life new projects and visions under the banner of Integrated Responsibility and Sustainability.

Studying messages and activating projects to return the value of social initiatives, inspiring actors or communities to actualize ethical business choices, thus becomes a central focus of their respective services as well, since both entities believe that in order to be a strong and vertical consulting partner there must always be consistency between values, communication and quality of service offered.

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