Great success for Spada Media Group, De-LAB, Lutech and Tesla at Milan Digital Week 2023

De-LAB, Spada Media Group and Tesla participated in Milan Digital Week 2023, a kermis dedicated to technological innovation, sustainable economy and participatory policies, promoting a special event on sustainable communication in which Lutech Spa participated, bringing its direct experience.

Milan Digital Week 2023

The sixth edition of Milano Digital Week took a leap forward in maturity, audience and contributions from nearly 200 speakers, with more than 400 events held within the event reaching an audience of more than 13 thousand people.

In keeping with the theme “Development of Limits” and building on the growing global awareness of the environmental, social and economic limits that are redefining our world De-LAB, Spada Media Group and Tesla decided to present a dedicated event for the occasion entitled The importance of digital data in sustainability pathways. Strategies and processes for collecting and sharing performance“. Among the three featured companies that brought their concrete experience on the topic were Lutech, Delcon and Hotels Fly.

The talk by Spada Media Group, De-LAB, Lutech and Tesla

The talk addressed the topic of building an effective and efficient ESG data collection process within complex organizations such as companies. ESG data is information about the environmental, social, and governance performance of a company or financial entity, which is useful for assessing the impact and ethics of businesses. In particular, the key steps of data collection aimed at writing Sustainability Reports were discussed, delving into the role of digital and the relationship with staff and external stakeholder engagement activities. Some concrete cases and winning stories of sharing ESG data and devising efficient collection monitoring processes, implemented by companies that have relied on De-LAB over the years, were illustrated. Guests speaking during the conference included Elena Cortese, Compliance Officer, Lutech Spa; Vito Ria, General Manager, Hotels Fly; and Federico Piccinini, Head of Design & Innovation Pipeline Project Manager, Delcon srl.

“This event was a tremendous opportunity to meet and discuss digital and social communication issues, sharing best practices and tips from experience with various companies. – comments Lara Ricciotti, COO & Founder of Spada Media Group -. We wanted to devote ourselves to thinking about the challenges of sustainability in a serious and concrete way. We would like to thank De-LAB for cooperation in the realization of this important event; Lutech Spa and the other companies that got involved with us, and of course Tesla , for the strategic partnership over the years.”

Spada Media Group, a communications, marketing & advertising agency operates as both a media center and a consulting and digital agency. Since 2023, it has started an important collaboration with De-LAB’s team of specialists, thus becoming even more structured and vertical in the field of social communication, delving into new tools and greater expertise in developing effective campaigns with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Moderating the discussion was Lucia Dal Negro, founder of De-LAB: “For this edition of Milan Digital Week, we have designed a meeting that explores the link between digital tools and ESG data collection processes. This challenge is not to be underestimated, because it is not always as simple as balancing modeling with concrete practices. Over the years, we have developed practices and methods for companies that need to value digital data within ESG scenarios. In fact, companies like Lutech, Hotels Fly, and Delcon do not depend solely on data, but use it strategically: this makes a significant difference in terms of sustainability because it requires thinking in terms of boundaries, information efficiency, and cooperation between different offices. On behalf of Spada Media Group and Tesla as well, we would like to thank them for accepting our challenge and invitation.”

Lucia Dal Negro leads the team of De-LAB, a Benefit Society and certified B-CORP™, founded in 2014. De-LAB designs and implements initiatives, research and consulting in the fields of Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Development Cooperation, targeting for-profit actors willing to invest in innovative and responsible business models. De-LAB’s goals are social innovation, co-design with vulnerable actors, and the generation of ecosystems for sustainable development, in line with the values of the Purpose Economy and, in particular, Sustainable Development Goal 17.

“It is important to strike a balance between the use of digital data and manual processes because companies are constantly changing, resulting in the need to adapt business perimeters to the changes. – said Elena Cortese, compliance officer at Lutech SpaWhile it is possible to automate data management in the environmental area, the social area often requires more qualitative data that can be difficult to digitize with quantitative metrics. Each industry and each company has its own specificities, related to the context in which they operate, that require customization of data, but this customization cannot be infinite. In addition, the changes in regulations proper in recent years require us to have flexibility in data collection and human relationships between those who manage and those who collect the data, for a better understanding of the data.”

Lutech Group is among the top players in Italy in the consulting and integration of technology solutions sector, with the goal of driving digital transformation and promoting innovation and growth in enterprises. With a wide range of services and customized solutions, Lutech supports companies in their transition to more agile business models through cutting-edge technology solutions that enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact, optimize resources and promote global sustainability.

The event was held in the futuristic setting of Tesla’s showroom in Piazza Gae Aulenti: “Tesla certainly could not miss Milan Digital Week to share what is our brand’s experience in sustainability and technological innovation. – commented Antonio Nicita, Account Manager Milan Store of TeslaAs one of the world’s leading proponents of electric mobility, we believe that ESG data is critical to assessing the impact of our actions. I hope this talk has helped promote awareness and adoption of sustainable practices within companies and even more so in the field of mobility.”

Tesla, a leading automotive company founded in 2003, has among its goals to accelerate the transition to clean energy, reducing environmental impact and promoting global sustainability. Known for producing high-performance electric vehicles that combine innovative design, advanced technology and zero emissions, the company has always been at the forefront of promoting change toward a more sustainable future.

Thanks to Say Cheese – Social Content Experience, our institutional event turned out to be compelling and engaging. The company, in fact, developed a customized photobooth especially for the occasion for our participation in Milan Digital Week. It has been exciting for us to explore and experiment with this innovative, fully digital solution.

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