Spada Media Group returns to Global Summit Marketing & Digital 2024

Global Summit 2024 - Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group returns to participate in the Global Summit Marketing and Digital, a vertical event of the world of communication and digital technology, which will be held in Lazise (Verona, Italy) next Feb. 21 and 22.

Many new features the Milan-based agency will bring to the two-day event dedicated to the digital business community. This year, in fact, Spada Media Group will be an active player in the Summit through an innovative speech on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, bringing its know-how and unpublished case studies.

On Thursday, Feb. 22, starting at 9 a.m., experts from the agency will take turns on stage delving into various topics in the talk titled “The Use of AI in B2B and B2C Marketing.”

“We are excited to come back as a protagonist at this two-day meeting by telling all the news concerning our business reality. We will address an extremely topical issue that affects multiple industries and is changing the approach to communication in both b2b and b2c Business models – Lorenzo Spada, Founder of Spada Media Group, comments. – “We will try to shed light on what are the innovative applications of AI, emerging challenges and future prospects. Our goal is precisely to provide insights into the impact of this in the main marketing models by giving some tips on how best to deal with the changes ahead.”.

Spada Media Group is a communications and marketing consulting agency, advertising partner of leading national and international Digital & Media Companies. A young and dynamic reality, the company is structured into 5 business units with focus on Media, Digital Marketing; Creativity, Press Office and Event Organization.

Together we manage to be an excellent partner alongside our clients, sharing a path of continuous growth and innovation,” Lorenzo Spada emphasizes. It is the people who work in Spada Media Group who are the real strength of our group. We all have different skills and viewpoints, but we are united by the same spirit. Indeed, we believe that collaborating with customers to help them find quick, concrete, reliable and innovative solutions is always the winning strategy. We were born in traditional advertising, grew up in web marketing, and over time, perfected ourselves as a media center. Today, we are confident that being always on the move is the only way we can go at the same speed as our industry.”

The Spada Media Group team awaits guests at the fair at booth No. 19 where they will find a pleasant and fun surprise. In addition to meeting and talking with some of the agency’s Sales and Digital Managers, visitors will be able to see and test some products from Say Cheese, a partner company of Spada Media Group, by taking photos and creating fun video-gifs with the brand new event photo-booth.


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