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Consent Mode V2: what it is and why to activate it


The digital world is increasingly paying attention to issues concerning user privacy. As a result, companies must adapt to new regulations and technologies to ensure compliance of the data they collect. In this sense, Google’s Consent Mode V2 represents a significant step forward in this area, offering a more flexible and precise solution for consent management. Let’s find out together in this article how this innovation can improve data management and user experience.

What is Consent Mode V2

Consent Mode V2 is a significant update to Google’s technology designed to manage user consent in a manner that complies with new international privacy regulations. This mode allows websites to adapt the behavior of their tracking tags based on user consent. Consent Mode thus allows for more granular management of consents, improving the accuracy of the data collected and respecting the preferences of individual users.

Thus, thanks to the new features, it is possible:

  • Disable specific tracking tags if the user has not given consent for certain categories of cookies;
  • Improve compliance with privacy regulations without sacrificing campaign effectiveness;
  • Continue to launch remarketing campaigns based on specific consent data.

As a result, it is no longer sufficient to offer users the ability to manage their consent through Consent Mode, but it is necessary to ensure that the preferences expressed are respected.

What Changes with Consent Mode V2

Consent Mode V2 introduces more flexibility than the previous version, distinguishing between different types of consents such as, precisely, those for analytics cookies and those for marketing cookies. This allows anonymous data to continue to be collected even if the user rejects certain types of cookies. In addition, integration with Google Tag Manager and other tag management platforms has been improved, making implementation easier for developers and webmasters. This update also supports better integration with Google Ads and Google Analytics. This means that companies can continue to monitor the performance of their advertising campaigns and analyze user behavior even amid increasing privacy concerns.

New Activators in Google Tag Manager

Another important new feature related to Consent Mode V2 is the introduction of new activators in Google Tag Manager. These activators enable even more precise management of tags based on user consents:

  1. Specific Consent Trigger: activated only when the user provides a specific type of consent.
  2. Combined Consent Trigger: allows multiple consent criteria to be configured for tag activation.
  3. Change of Consent Status Trigger: triggered when the user’s consent status changes.

With these tools, tags can be configured to be activated only when the user has given specific consent. For configuration, you can use numerous tools and plugins that automate the process of cookie consent management. In this regard, tools such as CookieBot or Iubenda represent solutions that enable effective cookie management by providing customizable banners and clear tracking options.

Why Adapt?

Adapting to Consent Mode V2 is not only a matter of legal compliance, but also an opportunity to improve data management and user experience . Complying with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA is critical to avoid penalties and maintain user trust. As such, it allows for more precise and targeted data collection, improving analysis and marketing strategies.

Another relevant aspect is the ability to personalize the user experience without violating privacy. In this way, companies can continue to provide relevant content and ads based on the anonymized data collected. This balance between personalization and respect for privacy is essential to maintaining a positive relationship with customers. In addition, using accurate and compliant data enables more relevant insights, helping companies make more informed strategic decisions.

The adoption of Consent Mode V2 can also improve operational efficiency. Advanced consent management features reduce the workload for developers, who can implement and maintain compliance solutions more quickly and effectively. This saves companies time and resources by focusing on core activities such as optimizing marketing campaigns and product innovation.

Spada Media Group and Consent Mode V2

As we have seen, Consent Mode V2 provides optimized consent management, which ensures legal compliance and also improves the performance of marketing campaigns. At Spada Media Group we recommend its adoption, and our specialists are ready to provide their support for a correct and effective implementation of the tool, in line with the latest regulations in privacy and GDPR.

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